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Canela Bistro & Wine Bar: March 30-April 7, 2272 Market St., San Francisco. Matzo ball soup, chilled smoked whitefish spread, braised short ribs and housemade chocolate almond cake. $69 per person (price includes wine) – tax and gratuity extra. Reservations: 415-552-3000,  www.canelasf.com. One Market Restaurant: March 30-April 6, 1 Market St., San Francisco. Featuring Bubbie’s matzo ball soup from chef Mark Dommen. Reservations: 415-777-5577, http://onemarket.com/. 11th annual Italian Passover Dinner: April 2, Perbacco, 230 California St., San Francisco. The dinner will feature a special four-course menu inspired by guest chef Joyce Goldstein’s collection of Jewish-Italian recipes from her cookbooks, “Cucina Ebraica” and “The New Mediterranean Jewish Table.” $58, excluding tax and gratuity. Reservations: 415-955-0663, http://bit.ly/2ptVmxR.

Students at Los Gatos High School spent this week celebrating cultural diversity, another step in the school’s ongoing fight against racism, Cultural Awareness Week was designed to be fun and educational, and included a pledge by students to be respectful of all people and their cultures, To that end, students were given wristbands that said, “We accept, we respect, we learn.”, This week’s culturally-focused activities grew out of last year’s “promposal” scandal pointe shoes capezio that occurred when two boys used racist symbols to ask girls to prom, The ensuing controversy caused the high school district to hire Epoch Education, which has been working with school officials and students to make sure this year’s prom invitations are inoffensive..

“We’ve talked directly to the students about the racist proposals,” Principal Kristi Grasty said. “They cannot happen again.”. That message was reinforced throughout the school year, including prior to last fall’s homecoming and at a recent senior class meeting, Grasty said. Seniors who engage in inappropriate behavior could be banned from school activities, such as dances, beach day and even graduation. But Grasty stressed, “We want it clear; this is for everybody.”.

She added that bad behavior will be “called out.”, There was nothing but good behavior in evidence when the high school’s International Club sponsored Tuesday’s International Festival, with students manning more than two dozen informational booths pointe shoes capezio from places like Korea, Central America, South Africa, Palestine, Israel, France, Russia and India, Junior Esperanza Rozas volunteered for the Taiwan booth because she wanted to learn more about the island nation, “I have cousins who are Taiwanese,” Esperanza said, “I don’t know anything about Taiwan, which I thought was a good reason to do this, It’s good to know where your family is from.”..

Esperanza thinks the high school has made progress this year in its quest for cultural tolerance, but she’d like to see more. “I don’t feel like we talk about it enough,” she said. “We say we’re for diversity, but then when someone brings up an issue we kind of shrug it off.”. That said, there’s no longer any tolerance for “microaggressions,” which Librarian Mariana Cozzella says are hurtful words or expressions. “Teens often say, ‘That’s so gay,’ so we want to teach them that that phrase could be a microaggression because it’s hurtful,” Cozzella said. “Then they’ll say, ‘Oh, I was just kidding,’ but it’s still hurtful. Microagressions were identified by students as a real problem.”.

The International Festival brought girls to school in traditional Indian “gagra choli” dresses, while senior Ezana Anley donned a white “netela” from Ethiopia, “We love wearing white because we’re Muslims and Christians, and we see white as pure,” Ezana said, Ezana, whose mother is Chinese and father is Ethiopian, brought Ethiopian anbesa and dado breads to the festival for pointe shoes capezio students to sample, There were also trivia games, where students learned, for instance, that “Star Wars” X-wing pilot Poe Dameron is played by native-born Guatamalan Oscar Isaac, whose real name is Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada..

Wearing a little green already, are ya? We’re so ready for the weekend — and you will be too, once you get a gander at these seven extremely fun ways to eat, drink, play and generally frolic, from Irish fiddle tunes to Guinness cupcakes. (Not into the whole pub/parade thing? We’ve got not-Irish suggestions, too.). Between the big parade — San Francisco’s 167th annual — and Dublin’s always-epic weekend bash, this promises to be quite the green holiday. Check out these awesome ways to celebrate, from pancakes and a Shamrock 5K in Dublin to a sudsy Pleasanton brew crawl.

Prefer to kick up your heels to lilting Irish tunes? Catch the Black Brothers or Molly’s Revenge (or both!) this weekend at venues in Berkeley and Soquel, The Black Brothers are known for their irresistible harmonies on Irish folk tunes and street songs alike, Molly’s Revenge goes all-out Celtic with bagpipes, whistle, fiddle, guitar pointe shoes capezio and mandola, Don’t forget your dancing shoes, No “Riverdance” experience required, Strap yourself in for “Vietgone,” an unabashedly un-PC culture-class comedy that takes a sledgehammer to Asian stereotypes while making you bust a gut or two, It’s playing at SF’s cool Strand theater, If you’re in the mood for a more serious theatrical excursion, TheatreWorks serves up the hard-hitting “Skeleton Crew” in Palo Alto..

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