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“Are they going to let him out?” she asked, her finger picking at the decoration. “Nope,” her mother said. “Ever?”. Marylea didn’t want to lie. She searched for the right response, still stroking her 7-year-old’s hair. “Not any time when you’re still a kid.”. A month had passed since the shooting, and Karson was beginning to sleep and eat normally again, but a sense of guilt still haunted him. “Maybe I should have waited on Jacob,” he told his mother, Kayla Edmonds. “He could have jumped over the fence with me.”.

She insisted that he couldn’t have saved Jacob’s life, but Karson wouldn’t be persuaded, He’d stood half a foot taller than his friend, The big kids were supposed to help the little ones, The trauma had left him with intense separation anxiety – he’d follow pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage his mother, who works at Subway, when she stepped out for a smoke – and profound grief, He’d known Jacob since they were toddlers, They’d bounced together for hours on a trampoline, They’d giggled together playing “Grand Theft Auto,” the video game with the bad words in it..

When Jacob died three days after the shooting, Karson’s mom didn’t tell him right away. It was his seventh birthday, and they were celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese’s. On their way home, he asked, yet again, if Jacob was getting better. In that moment, she told him his friend had gone to heaven, and Karson began to cry. After that, he didn’t like it when people mentioned Jacob’s name. For Valentine’s Day, Karson wrote a card in his memory: “I loved him but he diyd but he is stil a life in my hart.”.

In the corner of his room, behind a bunk bed covered in Paw Patrol sheets, Collin rummaged through a blue plastic toy bin, His medical boot had come off months earlier, and the bullet wound had healed, leaving pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage a dark, nickel-size splotch on his ankle, He could run again, too, though sometimes he had to take breaks because of the pain, Now the boy picked past a T, rex figurine, a Burger King crown, a black Franklin baseball glove, the Captain America mask he wore to Jacob’s funeral, Then Collin found what he was searching for and held up a plastic pistol with an orange cap on the barrel..

“His gun looked like that,” he said, his tone matter-of-fact as he explained how the Dollar General toy from China resembled the weapon that had nearly killed him. Of all the children who survived that day, Collin seemed the most vulnerable to psychological damage in the eyes of many Townville parents and teachers. Before learning to tie his shoes, he’d been shot and seen his friend covered in blood. But he didn’t have nightmares, and he didn’t think much about Jesse. At school, as long as one of his stuffed animals was within reach, he felt fine.

His father, a 200-pound construction worker, broke down about what had happened more often than Collin did, It wasn’t that the boy didn’t care, because he did, especially for Jacob’s 4-year-old sister, Zoey, whom he’d often hug when he saw her at school, But Collin, now 7, can discuss that day with clarity and composure, About the bullet: “It was moving through the air super fast.”, About how much it hurt: “I didn’t even feel the exit hole, It was just the enter hole pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage that had the most pain in it.”..

About Jacob: “He wasn’t even moving.”. Researchers who have studied kids for years still aren’t certain why they react to trauma in such different ways. Perhaps no one understands that better than Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose son survived the Sandy Hook massacre but whose daughter did not. “That’s a factor you can’t predict – how your child is going to deal with it,” said Marquez-Greene, a family therapist for the past 13 years. She warned, however, that parents can’t assume their kids have escaped the after effects, which sometimes don’t surface for years.

“We still have this tendency to want to say, ‘Okay, it’s done, He’s good, She’s good,’ ” Marquez-Greene said, “That’s not where the story ends.”, Ava sat on the edge of a brown exam table, her eyes pointe shoes similar to bloch heritage on the floor, It was mid-February, five months after the shooting, and her pediatrician kept asking questions, Did she still feel scared a lot?, “Yes,” Ava’s mother recalled her answering, Did she feel safe at school?, “No.”..

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