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"Our main focus is not to add new devices as they appear on the market but instead to provide a stable, easy to use and easy to port software base," the group said. It's also worth noting that LuneOS is not designed to take on iOS and Android. Indeed, the backers say that they're "not trying to reach feature comparison with Android or iOS."Looking ahead, the team behind LuneOS is hoping to improve the project and bring more people into the fold. The group said that it's "small" and working on "a large project.""We have a lot of parts on the service side in place but the app UIs need a lot of work from creative people," the group wrote in an announcement on Monday. "If you like webOS, know how develop on the web and enjoy working with an enthusiastic team on a new community built mobile operating system, don't hesitate to contact us through the available communication channels."(Via Engadget).

After all, they've had years of practice with eating and driving, drinking and driving, and even shaking a fist at passing cyclists and driving, One Colorado woman, however, says that just a moment of looking away to her phone while driving caused her serious injury, Christina Jahnz told KUSA-TV that she was driving away from her daughter's middle school in Elizabeth, Colo., last Wednesday when she began to text a friend, "I was running late for pull n bear iphone case a business meeting, so I did a voice text, I looked down to make sure it was all right, The next thing I knew, I was looking up, There was white powder from the air bags deployed," she said..

The air bags were the least of her problems. She had struck metal railing, which pierced her truck's light and entered her thigh and buttocks. The metal railing ended up embedded in her truck seat. The hospital staff who treated Jahnz told her: "If it gone just a little bit the other way, I would have bled out."Jahnz is expected to make a complete recovery, according to KUSA-TV. Will people stop texting and driving only when they experience an accident? Or do we need some sort of technology to save us from ourselves?.

A video published to YouTube on Monday by Russia-based YouTube user Rozetked claims to show the new iPhone pull n bear iphone case 6, Unlike some other leaked images and videos that have surfaced on the Web, this one (watch below) shows what appears to be a fully assembled iPhone 6 next to a current iPhone 5S, Although the video's accuracy cannot be confirmed, it's arguably the best video so far showing the rumored iPhone 6, CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the video, We will update this story when we have more information..

Apple announced last week that it would hold a special press event on September 9. The company is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 at that event and could also reveal a wearable device. Over the last several months, rumors have been flying about Apple's plans for the iPhone 6. Supposedly leaked images and specs claim the device will have a 4.7-inch display, an improved processor, and near-field communication for mobile payments. The anticipated device would run iOS 8 when it launches this fall. While many videos have surfaced claiming to show the iPhone 6, few are as detailed or believable as the video from Rozetked. The device shown in the video looks very similar to devices pictured in images leaked from Apple supplier facilities. The device in the video also has the 4.7-inch screen and streamlined design that is expected in the iPhone 6. It also allegedly sports Apple's next-generation A8 processor and NFC, but not the much rumored sapphire display.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on its plans and has not shared any insight into what the iPhone 6 might offer, As it has in the past, Apple likely won't comment on anything iPhone 6-related until its special event on September 9, CNET will be on hand to live-blog Apple's launch event next week, (Via The Verge), Video claims to show Apple's expected 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with a next-gen A8 processor and near-field communication, Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled next week, pull n bear iphone case but the rumor mill continues to offer up hints of features that might appear in the next iPhone..

Popping up Monday on YouTube, the 30-second spot starts off with the iPhone's Siri singing "I feel pretty, oh, so pretty" before greeting Cortana and commenting that the HTC One M8 looks "nice." Siri also calls the new HTC One" sleek," but says of itself that "I'm more than just a pretty face."Boasting about its own features, Cortana pipes in that it can check your calendar and the traffic to help you get to your appointment on time. Siri then exclaims how great the HTC One sounds, to which Cortana adds: "I have two speakers for music." In response, Siri says: "Oh, I only have one, and I'm sitting on it."Microsoft continues to face a challenging mobile market dominated almost exclusively by Apple and Android. The software giant has been pushing Windows Phone via the new features in version 8.1, such as Cortana, and the latest handsets from its partners. Although it's firmly in third place in the mobile market, Windows Phone's market share remains around 3 percent.

Playing up the features of both Cortana and the latest HTC One phone may be a cool marketing strategy, But it's unlikely to boost sales of Windows Phone devices, especially with new iPhone and Android devices coming out soon, The latest spot follows a video ad from July in which Microsoft touted Cortana as more capable and helpful than Siri, For example, the July spot featured a series of tasks that Cortana was able to accomplish pull n bear iphone case but which Siri sadly said that it could not do, Cortana is also supposed to understand more natural-language queries than can its iOS rival..

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