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The weekend’s nearly here and with it, a whole lot of extremely fun ways to pass the time, from the pre-Broadway launch of a Go-Go’s musical (woo hoo!) to a hot new al fresco-all the time restaurant, an ice cream tour and the return of the avenging robots of Westworld. Pondering a trek to see the pre-Broadway run of “Head Over Heels” in San Francisco? Here’s everything you need to know beforehand, from where to dine — hello, Tratto! — to how to score reserved parking near the Curran. And, of course, the answer to the biggest question of all: Last night was opening night  — is the show any good?.

Some dancers may sashay, But the Smuin Contemporary American Ballet dancers are sashimi-ing their repetto ballet slippers way across Bay Area stages with the world premiere of choreographer Val Caniparoli’s new ballet, “If I Were A Sushi Roll.” (Also on the bill, Helen Pickett’s “Oasis” with a score by “House of Cards” composer Jeff Beal  and resident choreographer Amy Seiwert’s “Falling Up” — but we’re smitten by the sushi.) Expect to see oversized nigiri, giant chopsticks and plenty of metaphorical wasabi, Caniparoli explains it all here..

The weather’s been distinctly weird — hailstorms in April! — but this weekend’s supposed to be divine. So head outdoors to one of the fab new al fresco restaurants that have opened recently. In Pleasanton, chef Matt Greco’s eagerly anticipated Salt Craft just opened (we were there opening weekend — here’s the scoop!) and it’s all al fresco, all the time. The wait is finally over, sci-fi fans, conspiracy nuts and lovers of mind-messing television: “Westworld,” HBO’s acclaimed if controversial drama, returns on Sunday night. Here’s what Chuck Barney learned at the San Francisco premiere of season two. And on the big screen, you can pick between a comedy like “I Feel Pretty,” an uneven dig at the beauty industry starring Amy Schumer, or the brilliant “The Rider,” which critic Randy Myers calls one of the best films to come around in quite some time. His weekend picks are here.

Nibble through North Beach, nosh around Rockridge or savor your way through Santa Cruz on a foodie walking tour this weekend, Here are a few particularly tasty options, including an ice cream and gelato tour, Yum, Opera Cultura, based in San Jose, is the one of few Latino opera companies in the U.S., and this weekend it repetto ballet slippers presents a new work adapted from the revered Chicano opera “Bless Me, Ultima.” Details are here, Related ArticlesThe green streets of San Jose: Thousands turn out for inaugural Shamrock RunLos Gatos community briefs for the week of March 22Bay Area calendar: Smokey Joe’s Cafe, ballet and moreMap: St, Patrick’s Day run to close downtown San Jose streets14 fun runs in SF Bay AreaThere’s something captivating about urban art, especially when it comes in the form of giant murals, Now there’s an app for exploring that, with a map that takes you to some of San Jose’s coolest public art hot spots, Heading for San Francisco instead? Take a walking tour of the murals in San Francisco’s Mission district with a docent from the Precita Eyes Gallery..

With a crowd cheering “lower,” Sid Hallburn, in black tap shoes, white trousers and a red jacket, dips down – and down. At first, I’m impressed, then I’m amazed. But as Hallburn squats ever closer to concrete, I worry we may soon witness Hallburn’s last moment alive. With white hair slicked back, ruddy cheeks and a passion for putting smiles on faces, Hallburn is 94 years old. Arms extended for balance, he drops even lower. I wince. But with a graceful sweep of his arms, Hallburn practically jumps up and launches into another round of tap dancing, arms swaying to the music.

I figure this must be the performer’s last dance, Wrong, Hallburn is just warming up, The dancer taps into a fountain of youth we all understand – that magic mix of music and dance, Ironically, even the late Saturday Night Live comedian John Belushi understood the secret to remaining forever young, “Why did I live repetto ballet slippers so long?,” asks Belushi in a 1978 sketch, made up as an old man in a snow-covered cemetery, “I’ll tell you why…”, Cocking an eyebrow just so, Belushi proclaims: “‘Cause I’m a dancer.”..

What Hallburn accomplishes next leaves the audience gathered on a church patio shaking their heads in disbelief. Hallburn grew up in South Gate, with a brother and sister – both living – and, in a way, led two lives. There was Hallburn’s Hollywood life. But there also was his other life, in which Hallburn as a teenager helped coach physically challenged children and learned sign language. He served in the Army during World War II, went on to earn a master’s degree in science at USC and became a teacher.

He and his wife, Lois, also a teacher, raised two boys and a daughter, But like anyone who has lived a long life, there has been adversity, Their sons died in middle age, Their daughter struggles with multiple sclerosis, Lois died more than two decades ago, “I’ll be repetto ballet slippers honest,” shares Hallburn, whose grandson recently moved in to help out, “I get lonely at times.”, Understandably, Hallburn prefers to dwell on the positive, For more than 30 years, Hallburn taught in Los Angeles schools, usually focusing on kids who struggled, Some, he concedes, were gang members who couldn’t be helped..

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