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In a riotous interlude that does little to further the plot, three Lipizzaner-like horses — all tossing manes and Austrian accents — mock the clumsy bulls and challenge them to a dance-off. It’s a random digression into utter silliness, but “Ferdinand” has the moral heft to carry it off and move on. Rating: PG (for rude humor, action and some thematic elements). Voice cast: John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Jeremy Sisto, Bobby Cannavale, Raul Esparza, Jerrod Carmichael, Lily Day.

Contract negotiations between the town of Los Gatos and Music in the Park producers collapsed late last week, prompting the town to issue a request for proposal for new producers, The Los Gatos Town Council will likely consider the request for proposal at its Dec, 19 meeting, “Obviously, we are disappointed,” Mayor Rob Rennie said in an email, “We think this is an important event for the town and repetto pointe shoes will be issuing a request for proposal shortly.”, Music in the Park has been a summer mainstay in Los Gatos since 1988, with 10 Sunday concerts on the Civic Center’s front lawn and a Labor Day weekend Park Dance at Oak Meadow Park..

The producers’ two year contract with the town expired last September, and negotiations for a new contract began shortly after that. But the negotiations stalled over a number of items, most notably Music in the Park’s request for an additional $5,000 on top of the $6,000 the town has given the event for the past two years. The added dollars would cover the cost of security at the 11 events, plus new light poles for the park dance. “The light towers they gave us are broken, and we asked for police or a parks officer to help with security and the town said they couldn’t provide that,” event co-producer Scott Canali said. “Before us, there was a parks service officer who was usually around. We didn’t have that, and last year it put our volunteers in a position of enforcing town codes.”.

Mayor Rennie noted that the Music in the Park atmosphere has changed in recent years, “The type of music has changed, and it’s more of a dance party than it used to be,” Rennie said, “But it also means the crowd is a little but different—a more energetic crowd that might need more security.”, On Dec, 5, the council voted unanimously to approve repetto pointe shoes a Music in the Park contract that included $6,000, but delayed consideration of the extra $5,000 until January, Each concert costs about $10,000 to stage, Canali explained, with most of the costs covered by sponsors..

The council also specified that no alcohol be served to bands in the so-called “green room,” which is really the lobby area adjacent to the council chambers. “We worked really hard to attract the top rock cover bands in the Bay Area. Since we pay them a fraction of what they normally get paid, we treat them really well,” Canali said.  “We feed them and on a hot day we give them a glass of wine or beer, and that’s part of why we’re saying we want alcohol in the green room. It’s just for the bands.”.

But there were other issues, too, including repetto pointe shoes a $273 increase in permit fees that the council was willing to waive, and limits on pre-concert noise levels, “We had some complaints that the music was actually starting much earlier, 2 to 3 p.m., and it was the background music, not even the band, It was just from the speakers,” town attorney Rob Schultz said, Schultz said the Music in the Park producers complied with all aspects of the previous contract, But the producers ended up saying “no” to the new contract..

Infectious hip-hop and Latin music fills the small dance floor at the College of Adaptive Arts on weekdays, where Isabella Jay Torres leads a class of eager, energetic students. They move to popular tunes by Bruno Mars and Fergie, and, while not perfectly in sync, they answer to the music. The nonprofit college of the arts on Parkmoor Ave. offers young adults with disabilities classes in the arts, health and wellness, with the goal of helping them find meaningful employment. It’s where Torres has found her calling as a dance instructor, teaching “Latizmo” classes — a mixture of Latin, breakdancing and hip-hop — to individuals with special needs. It’s proven life-changing for many of her students, who have found their rhythm — and their voices — in the class.

“I want them to know that being different or growing up with different feelings, having autism, Down syndrome — whatever you’re dealing with — I want them to know that they are capable and they are able to overcome that,” said Torres, Dance was repetto pointe shoes a saving grace for Torres, 48, who said she was sexually abused by a family member as a small child, After the incident, Torres, the 14th of 15 children, said she stopped talking, “It was very painful, and it messed up my ability to interact with people, to understand the meaning of love,” she said, But Torres said she didn’t want a terrible childhood experience to define the rest of her life..

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