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“I am looking forward to the the fact that the walls are gone and the ceiling is off tonight,” he said after wrapping up “Papa Loved Mama.”. After a run of “Unanswered Prayers,” “The Thunder Rolls” — which almost didn’t need a sound effect the way the winds buffeted Brooks’ microphone — and 2016’s “Ask Me How I Know,” Yearwood came out to do a mini set of her own. It’s almost a shame she didn’t get a full turn as the penultimate act before Brooks took the stage as she rejuvenated the audience with “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl),” ballad “How Do I Live” and “She’s in Love with the Boy,” during which Brooks played rhythm guitar.

Their band, made up of seasoned players who have been with Brooks and/or Yearwood for decades, didn’t miss a beat, even more impressive when you think about how rarely they’ve played lately, But being that locked in as a group might be a little easier since the “rookie” member has been with Brooks since 1994, In an interview a couple of hours before he took the stage, Brooks said he planned to switch some things up for Stagecoach, “This evening, these people love music so they’re gonna get a dose sanuk yoga mat shoes of it, but they’re gonna get (stuff) they never knew was coming but they’re gonna know it when it hit, That’s what I love,” he said, promising some familiar covers..

And after more hits like “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “Shameless” and main set closer “The Dance,” Brooks delivered on that promise in the encore. While he did “Face to Face,” “Ireland” and throwback “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old),” Brooks took a moment to enjoy being “the old guy in the business” and invited Lee Brice, who preceded him on the Mane Stage, to come up and do “More Than a Memory.” There was even a wonderful little moment where Brooks seemed a little unsure about who should start and had Brice take the first vocal.

Two years ago, Nishka Ayyar was struggling, like many of her friends, to find a dress to wear to her first homecoming dance, The dresses she saw in Bay Area stores and even online were too pricey for something she sanuk yoga mat shoes didn’t think she would wear again, particularly since as a member of the homecoming court she needed something to match the green and yellow color scheme, So Ayyar and her classmate, Riya Gupta, at San Jose’s The Harker School, solved the problem in Silicon Valley style by creating a peer-to-peer clothing rental app — a sort of Airbnb for prom and formal dresses..

“The boys on the court got to rent their tuxedos for a cheap cost,” said Ayyar, now a 17-year-old junior at Harker, a private school. “But we were forced to spend all this money.”. Plenty of other teens in the Bay Area — even those untethered by homecoming court color schemes — have faced the challenge of finding the perfect dress to wear to a school dance. And a dress, which can run as much as $800, is just one part of the price of a modern prom. About the time Ayyar was confronting her dress struggle, she and Gupta were taking a business class that assigned them to come up with an idea for a business that could solve a problem their peers were facing. The idea for PromElle was born.

Ayyar, 17, and Gupta, 16, who both live in Saratoga, say their peer-to-peer app can help a lot of teenagers: Girls who have bought dresses can recoup some of their costs or make a little extra money by renting out their dresses on the platform, while those searching for dresses can save money and room in their closets by renting from peers, often at a fraction of the cost, “People want to attend these events, but the dresses available online or in stores sanuk yoga mat shoes are extremely expensive,” Gupta said, “And typically they get a dress and won’t wear it again in front of the same friends, so the dresses are going to waste.”..

Another motivating factor, Gupta said, is that “a lot of girls really want the prom of their dreams, but are unable to afford the prom of their dreams.”. So the two worked on their idea in the spring of 2016, and launched the first public version of PromElle the following January. They raised about $50,000 in investment money from friends and family and hired a local coder to help build the app and website, which they designed themselves. About 550 people have created accounts since the PromElle app launched in January 2017 — mostly teens in the Bay Area, though Ayyar and Gupta said it is available to anyone in the U.S.

It’s not easy to balance the startup life with their high school class work, They have no staff, so Ayyar and Gupta manage the business with occasional help from their moms, Through PromElle’s app or website, lenders submit dress listings for review, upload photos and add details like the dress’ size and fit, Ayyar and sanuk yoga mat shoes Gupta review each listing before making it public for renters to view, When renters find a dress they like, they tap to review the details, select a four-day or eight-day rental period, and pay through the app or website..

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