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At the conclusion of their meetings, on occasion Ivanka has walked Corker downstairs to wander into the Oval Office and say hi to the president. And it was clear to the senator that Ivanka has real power in the White House over issues that are on her agenda. She may not be able to sway her father’s opinions, but she is throwing her weight behind issues such as family leave — building coalitions and, if all miraculously aligns, could see Congress pass legislation that she has helped to push.

Says her husband, Jared Kushner: “I think she’s very lucky in that she cares less about what people sewing cross elastic on ballet shoes think and more about if she’s doing the right thing and will be able to get positive results, Ultimately that’s what has and will make her very successful.”, At its heart this is a story about fathers and daughters, and what happens when one becomes president of the United States and the other follows him to the White House and tries to make heads or tails of it, This is a story of a daughter who leaves her beloved New York, Moves her three children to D.C, Marvels at having a house with an actual back yard, and wonders if the paparazzi who post themselves in front of their new home are paid in 10-hour shifts, because they’re always there to photograph when her husband leaves for work at 6 a.m., but then are always gone by 4 p.m..

This is a story that gets exceptional because it’s the Trumps, for whom life and career are also always entwined with family: Ivanka as a child, building future Trump towers out of Lego sets, as one of her favorite stories goes. An older Ivanka, using the interoffice envelopes in the real Trump Tower to send her father positive press clippings about himself, as an acquaintance remembers. Season after season of “The Apprentice,” with the fates of D-list celebrities determined by the opinions of the two Trumps.

Then as now, when Ivanka presents her dad with information, she said she tells him what she thinks, and then tries to tell him what the other side’s strongest arguments are, “A lot of the way people try to get things done, or sell things in Washington, is they present facts that align with the outcome that they want the other person to come to,” she said, “In business it’s the same – they tell you the good facts about a company, not the bad facts, I don’t do that, I have sewing cross elastic on ballet shoes never done that.”..

Maggie Cordish, a longtime friend whose husband now works in the Trump administration as an assistant to the president, said Ivanka “understands what a privilege it is to find herself in this position and to be able to move the needle on things she cares about. . . . She uprooted herself from New York to come down here to get things done.”. As she goes about her work, there is another oddity that is Ivanka-specific: the fact that she becomes a cipher into which people pour their own beliefs and aspirations, the fact that multiple people can sit in a room with her and each believe she is speaking directly to them.

Republican female lawmakers who have met with Ivanka spoke about her preparedness, and their excitement to have a representative from the White House who cared about issues they had worked on, in some cases, for years, Multiple male lawmakers spoke at length about her “elegance” and her “grace”; and then worried out sewing cross elastic on ballet shoes loud that they seemed enamored of her, In the eyes of Democrats, Ivanka is forever moving one step forward and two steps back, forever caught up in her father’s unseemly dramas, Three months into her official role, observers who analyze her influence on Donald Trump are still doing so via a method of reading her tweets like tea leaves: Ivanka sends out support for refugees on World Refugee Day, against a father interminably stumping for a travel ban, Ivanka wishes her LGBT followers a happy Pride month, while her father eschewed Barack Obama’s tradition of issuing a proclamation, At times, she comes across as earnest, if slightly oblivious; at times it seems like she knows exactly what she is doing, which is goading her dad..

Ivanka, taken out of context, is rarely offensive. But Ivanka is all context – the context of her father. He is why people write about her, dissect her, fret over her. She is playing a flute in an orchestra. He is running around banging a gong in the background, making her look tone-deaf. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Arizona, recently received an invitation from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, for a meeting to brainstorm a pro-family tax code. A special participant – the “predicate” of the meeting, as Franks saw it – would be Ivanka Trump, the woman whose father had spent an election cycle gleefully referring to the meeting’s host as “Little Marco.”.

Nine Republican lawmakers gathered around a table at which the first daughter spoke softly enough that other participants fell silent to hear her bring greetings from the president and talk about her desire for a child-care tax credit and paid family leave, The roundtable, and Ivanka’s behavior in it, was representative of how she has come to conduct business in Washington, “She was a sewing cross elastic on ballet shoes very active listener,” said Sen, Deb Fischer, R-Nebraska, noting that Ivanka responded to each participant’s favored issue — an adoption tax credit, a caregiver tax credit — as if she had personally researched them..

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