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With about a month to go before Dana Hills High School’s winter formal, Riley McCoy not-so-subtly let it be known among her friends that it sure would be nice if Kenny Maddox were available for a certain Saturday night in January. This has been a memorable year for Riley, who has a rare disease (xeroderma pigmentosum or “xp”) that prevents her from going outside in the sun, and a brain disorder that is slowly sapping her cognition and coordination. She was voted homecoming queen, and she sang in the school play.

But the winter formal? When you’re a high school kid trying be just like everybody else, the winter formal means everything, The winter formal means Kenny, “I’ve never had a guy say yes to me before,” Riley said, She hoped Kenny would be the kind of first date she would remember forever, And then the word came back, like a stiff winter wind down the hallway at Dana Hills High, Kenny might be going with someone else, Or Kenny might be going with a group of boys, silver ballet flats Or Kenny might not be going at all..

In a life filled with cruel reality, Riley McCoy had to deal with the possibility that if she asked Kenny Maddox to go to the dance with her, he might say no. Here’s the question: Is Riley McCoy lucky to be surrounded by angels, or has Riley made angels of everyone around her?. By all accounts, Riley is having an amazing senior year at the school her parents picked primarily because its common areas are mostly indoors. She won homecoming queen by a landslide, and the outpouring of love as the crowd chanted her name is, arguably, one of the greatest moments in school history. She is involved in student government. She sang in “Bye Bye Birdie.”.

She couldn’t do any of it without her parents, teachers and friends meticulously planning and orchestrating every move she makes.What time is it? Where is the sun? What does the ultraviolet meter say? How many windows are there? What kind of lighting is silver ballet flats in the room? How would she escape in case of emergency?, They have created a full life for her when it would have been so easy to protect her indoors, Pam McCoy, Riley’s mother, remembers the first time Riley went out with a friend at Dana Hills High, Riley was a freshman, and she told her mom that another girl had invited her to go out for pizza, Pam thought the other girl wouldn’t show..

But the girl came. Pam, wary of the way new people treat her daughter, watched that girl closely. “A boy with Down syndrome came in,” Pam said. “She kept her gaze on him until he noticed her. She smiled at him. I knew from that point she was something special.”. That girl’s name is, aptly, Shelby Angel. Shelby wants to study psychology in college. Whenever Riley complains about the lack of sun in her life, Shelby has an answer ready. “Everything good always happens at night,” Shelby tells Riley.

Shelby was there when Riley told her: “I’m going to get cancer.” But in true Riley McCoy optimistic fashion, she explained that when she gets cancer, the doctors are going to take the cancer out of her, For the record, it’s not likely she will get skin cancer because she is so careful wearing protective clothing whenever she has to go outside in the sun, It is much more likely her brain will function less and less until she loses vital skills, Shelby says she tries to block out thoughts of Riley’s future, People with Riley’s particular strain of xp (accompanied by neurological degeneration), have shortened life spans and silver ballet flats often lose the ability to talk or even swallow..

Riley was sad when she found out that the Best Buddies (a program for special needs students like her) have a day at Disneyland. For Riley, the key word in that sentence is “day.” Some of her friends at school – Shelby, Jimmy Quick and Katie Swanson – promised to meet her at Disneyland at night. “Those kids are totally amazing,” said Robin Triepke-Harris, who is Riley’s one-on-one special education aide at school. “They have really kind hearts. They genuinely care about other people. Riley feels all the love.”.

Shelby, Jimmy and Katie have made it a habit of dropping by the McCoy house on Saturday nights, They’ve taken Riley to the movies, dinner, Christmas boat parade, amusement parks and backyard pools – all under the light of the moon, Sometimes, they just come over to watch television, Along the way, because she is a teenage girl, Jimmy got a lot of Riley’s attention, Before Kenny, there was Jimmy, All the girls had crushes on Jimmy, He met Riley in a dance class, He was silver ballet flats a sophomore, She was a freshman, Riley was awkward, stumbling through the moves, but she kept trying, Jimmy was impressed with that..

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