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Macklemore’s crew had requested a playlist of karaoke numbers before, featuring his own works and some favorites for Schott like Elvis and Tammy Wynette. They stayed for a couple hours singing and filming. Macklemore put on a mini-concert for the around a dozen patrons who had wandered in that Saturday afternoon, June 17. Brittell said the production head said Macklemore’s performance at the bar was the first time he had sung his new single “Glorious” in public. A little over a week later he performed the same song on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”.

Other stops, like at Hy-Step Shoes off McHenry Avenue, were more impromptu, Manager Leon Smith, who has worked at the Modesto store for more than 30 years, said Macklemore and his grandmother stopped by skechers ballet flats out of the blue and he bought her a pair of shoes, In the video he then dances with Schott in the parking lot where he also illicitly purchases a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s from the fashion line of fellow rapper Kanye West, “The ladies at the bank, they’ve all told me who he was afterward,” Smith said, “Our clientele tends to be older.”..

The video shows many of the Modesto businesses by name including Kristy George’s Second Chance Consignment & Costume Corner on McHenry Avenue. “We didn’t know if we’d make the video or not, but no matter because it was a wonderful experience either way,” she said. “And then we popped up and there is the store. It was so so cool. I loved it. It also captured Modesto and the people of Modesto well.”. Other, more intimate scenes show a surprise party at Schott’s house, where some of her friends from bridge club come over to play. They’re interrupted by a male stripper who dances acrobatically — though still discreetly partially clothed — for them.

“Oh my God, I’ve never been so shocked in my life, For all the stuff I’ve gone through in my whole life, that was new,” she said, “But you’ve got to be a good sport.”, Schott also watched as Macklemore got a tattoo of her name skechers ballet flats on his arm at Foundation Tatttoo Parlor, Artist Scotty Breshears is shown in the video giving Macklemore his new ink at the shop on 11th Street, While he was excited for the shop and Modesto to make the cut, he said the video’s universal theme should touch people across the country — and possibly world..

“It made me think of my own grandma. It made me think, man he’s so lucky to have his grandma like that. Wish I could do something like that for my grandma,” he said. “It definitely made me want to do something with my own family, do something fun together. It made me think of family and how valuable they are.”. This is not the first time Modesto has been used or referenced in popular music. The city has been subject of songs including “Modesto” by Beck, “St. Modesto” by Chris Walla and “Modesto Is Not That Sweet” by The Hold Steady. Courtney Love’s band Hole used a black-and-white photo of the Modesto arch in its liner notes for its 1998 album “Celebrity Skin.” Probably Modesto’s most famous musical export is the indie rock group Grandaddy, which has referred to the city in its music over the years and still calls the valley town home base.

Summer stock for kids is one way to describe the Los Gatos Youth Theatre group that has multiple productions skechers ballet flats in the works, The group sponsors a variety of performance and other camps that teach youth ages 6-18 the ins and outs of performing and staging a musical, Apart from the camps, the youth theater group is also presenting two stand-alone productions this summer, “Into the Woods” and the “Lion King, Jr.,” that will be performed on the Los Gatos High School stage, When a musical has “Jr.” attached to it, it means it’s a condensed version of the original that’s geared to younger performers’ attention spans and energies..

A summer camp production of “High School Musical, Jr.” just wrapped up at Daves Avenue Elementary School. After 2½ weeks of intense rehearsals, the 10- to 14-year-old performers showed enthusiasm and talent as they sang, “No,no, no, no. Don’t stick to the stuff you know, don’t stick to the status quo.”. Disney’s “High School Musical” and its junior version are about a popular high school basketball star and an academically gifted girl who share a secret passion for singing. As the story evolves, other students come forward to admit their passions for baking, hip hop and the cello.

The assistant director of “High School Musical, Jr.” was Los Gatos High School senior Lexi Balistreri, She started with the youth theater five years ago, “I really love teaching kids what I know about musical theater,” Lexi said, “It’s not as popular as sports, but this is a unique opportunity to teach kids how to express themselves through music.”, Lexi gave up cheerleading to skechers ballet flats focus her energy on the theater, “I want to go to school to become a director or producer of musicals,” she said, “I love to sing and dance, so that’s a backup plan.”..

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