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One thing she talked about is anger. “Anger is what you see, but there are always underlying feelings and if you can’t recognize what those feelings are you are not able to resolve your anger,” Lewis said. “That’s ultimately what we want to do.”. Los Gatos High School student Hunter Marshall, president of the junior Boys Team group, said Lewis’ talk was “special and moving.”. “She taught us that no matter what situation you’re in, you should respond positively,” Hunter said. “If I see someone in trouble, I’ll consider reaching out to them. It could change their lives, and I think that’s important.”.

His friend, Los Gatos High School junior Ethan Schaper, chimed in with an interesting statistic about positive versus negative thinking, “She told us we have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts supadance shoe bag in our head every day, and 80 percent of those thoughts are negative,” Ethan said, “So, the first step to choosing love over anger is to change your thoughts day by day to more positive ones.”, One thing that impressed both boys was Lewis’ belief that there were 28 Sandy Hook victims, not 26..

“She said multiple times that she considers the shooter and his mother victims,” Ethan said. “No one came to his first birthday party, and by the fifth grade he was drawing pictures of shooting kids and no one listened,” Schaper said. “What I want the boys and adults to realize is that when someone is cruel, there may be something deeper behind their actions. We need to be kinder, softer toward them and we can neutralize it.”. In other words, Schaper said, if someone snarls at you, smile back.

Following Lewis’ presentation, which received a standing ovation, the supadance shoe bag boys stuffed bags with candy and made Valentines that will be delivered to foster children served by Unity Care, Operation Care and Comfort will deliver some of the goody bags to troops overseas, but bags destined for seniors at the Terraces of Los Gatos retirement community will be hand-delivered, On Feb, 10, Hunter and Ethan will be joined by other junior Boys Team Charity members for a dance at the Terraces, where the juniors dance with seniors and the generations come together..

RICHMOND — An 18-year-old was charged Wednesday with attempting to murder a Richmond police officer during a sideshow Sunday morning. Court records identified the officer as Onome Ojo, a former UC Davis football star who was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2001 and had a brief NFL career in the early 2000s. Ojo is expected to recover after being struck by a car participating in the sideshow at Marina Bay Parkway and Regatta Boulevard. Two 18-year-olds were arrested and charged in connection with the crash, and are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning.

The alleged driver of the car that struck Ojo, Juan Vargas, 18, of Patterson, was charged with attempted murder and assault on a peace officer Wednesday, Genesis Diaz-Castaneda, 18, of Santa Nella, was charged with accessory after the fact, Vargas and Diaz-Castaneda also face charges of conspiracy to file a false report, The charging documents allege that after the crash, they abandoned the car in Richmond, called South San Francisco police to report the supadance shoe bag car as being stolen, then travelled to the South San Francisco police department and “provided a fictitious account of events.”..

Ojo is a former fifth round pick of the New Orleans Saints, and took an odd path to the NFL: He never played in high school, choosing to study dance instead, but decided to try out for UC Davis’ football team his junior year there. As a senior, he finished third on the team with 33 catches and second among Aggies receivers with 865 yards and 11 touchdowns, according to a 2008 Vallejo Times-Herald article. Media reports say Ojo moved to Vallejo after a brief NFL career cut short by recurring knee injuries. He was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when the team beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl in 2003, but he was injured and did not play. It is unknown when he decided to become an officer, but public records list him on the payroll at least as early as 2014.

BRENTWOOD — A 16-year-old student at Liberty High School has died following a short illness, leaving the school community reeling after three other students have died since the start of the school year, On Monday, Caitlyn Grace Gonzales, 16, died in the intensive care unit of John Muir Medical Center after a struggle with pneumonia complicated by asthma, The tight-knit high school in the heart of Brentwood’s downtown has reacted with shock and tears after word of Gonzales’ death spread supadance shoe bag this week, Some students haven’t returned to classes, and others have walked among the classrooms to just talk and support one another, Flowers adorn a desk where Caitlyn used to sit..

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