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Luxury car maker Bentley has added its iconic wings to the new Vertu phone. The two marques have a five-year deal to produce devices together, and this phone is the first of four planned to bear both names. The Vertu for Bentley comes wrapped in leather that matches the interior of your Bentley. The phone boasts a 4.7-inch sapphire screen. Like all Vertu phones, it's hand-assembled in England. And like all Vertu phones, it gives you access to a 24-hour concierge service catering to your every whim.

We've all known the frustration of dropped calls or failed connections while journeying by rail, and new research suggest commuters t mobile iphone x screen protectors on London's railways are particularly badly served, US company Global Wireless Solutions used a range of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones to test the phone signal on ten popular commuting routes into and out of London, and found almost a third of tasks that involve using data -- which could be as simple as opening a website or sending a photo -- fail when on an overground train, The results are then plotted on an interactive map..

A quarter of the tasks using 3G never manage to send the data in question to their destination, and it's even worse when trying to connect to 4G. Meanwhile one in seven voice calls dropped during the tests. Data is at its worst when trains are in stations, while calls were more likely to drop in between stops. So how does your network fare? Three performs best for calls, but is the worst for 4G data. Vodafone is named the best in the test for 3G data, and EE the best for 4G. That last one is only to be expected, seeing as EE has the most time to build a 4G network, having launched the faster LTE service a year ahead of the other networks. The other networks now have 4G services, but are still largely relying on 2G to connect calls when you're on the train.

And the worst station? St Pancras -- lovely building but shocking signal, t mobile iphone x screen protectors Still, at least most of the major networks offer Wi-Fi on the tube, Ticket prices and a lack of seats aren't the only headache for commuters, who also have to contend with terrible phone signal on London's railways, I'm on the train, On the train, I'M ON THE TRAI -- oh you've gone, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Health, an app designed by Apple and stocked on iOS 8, finally gives us a way to put data from all kinds of apps in one place. You'll often see Health in the context calorie-counting and fitness activity-tracking, but the platform is designed to handle much more than that. With the right coaxing, it can help you get a grip on other areas of wellness, such as vitamin intake (for managing deficiencies, for example), blood glucose tracking, sleep, and even vitals like heart rate and blood pressure.

As more of us rely on apps and phone-synced devices to monitor our wellness, Apple wants its users to be able to make sense of the data, And, perhaps one day -- share that data with their physicians, Health is an aggregator designed to collect data, not supply it, Most of the time, the metrics that appear on your dashboard will be based on data supplied by other apps.However, there are two exceptions: steps and flights climbed, Track steps and flights climbed Using the motion processor on the 5S, 6, or 6 Plus, Health can keep track of your steps without help from an external t mobile iphone x screen protectors app or device, like a FitBit, Same goes for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, both of which can track flights climbed using the built-in barometer..

Tracking other apps in Health This is where the fun begins. In the Health app, check out the Sources tab. If you have Health-compatible apps installed, this is where you give them permission to display their data in Health. To show data from health and fitness apps in your Health dashboard. To find apps compatible with Health, head to the App Store, then go to the Health and Fitness category and look for the section titled Apps for Health. Where Health really shines is in its unique ability to allow apps to "talk" to each other. When you give permission to apps in the Sources tab, you will often see two categories: Write and Read. Writing allows Health to import data; Reading allows Health to export data.

With read permissions enabled, apps can retrieve information from fellow apps, Take this example: You use a FitBit Aria scale to track your weight, which is now being written to Health, You also do t mobile iphone x screen protectors workouts in the 7 Minute Workout app, which you've set to write calorie burn data and read weight, With those options set, 7 Minute Workout is now accessing your logged weight to correctly calculate your calorie burn, These scenarios are limitless, and will only become more useful as developers integrate their apps with Health, Apps like Argus have attempted to offer the same app-to-app interaction feature, but have not had the tools to make it succeed..

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