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Relatives could never convince Mesfin to leave the warm Southern California weather and join them on the East Coast, but she would visit for weddings and holidays. She kept an apartment on Lemon Street in Anaheim for nearly 10 years. Then she rented rooms from others. Her final address was a P.O. box. “When she took the job at Disney, it was just until she got something better.”. Isayas has no idea when his aunt started living in her car. He didn’t learn about that until her death. Though he last saw her on a visit to Southern California around 2005, she often called or texted family back East, including on Thanksgiving Day 2016 — the week before she went missing.

The family knew she had scrambled for work after losing her bank job and that she had medical expenses, She kept telling them her job with Disney — cleaning toilets and picking up used pointe shoes for sale trash — would be temporary, What she didn’t reveal was the extent of her debt, Had he realized how tough life had gotten for his aunt, Isayas said he would have tried harder to convince her to move to the D.C, area, close to relatives willing to help, “When she took the job at Disney, it was just until she got something better,” Isayas said..

Employment records show Mesfin began working part-time at the Anaheim theme park in 2007, said Suzi Brown, the vice president of communications for Disneyland Resort. Mesfin became a full-time “cast member” (Disney’s designation for employees) in 2009. “I didn’t know her personally, but I know she was beloved by coworkers,” Brown said. Mesfin was third-shift custodial, with typical hours starting at 11 or 11:30 p.m. and ending around 8 a.m., according to coworkers. They figure her pay at the time of her death was around $13 or $14 an hour. Brown would not disclose Mesfin’s wages, citing confidentiality.

Mesfin ended up training other employees, A meticulous taskmaster, she believed that any job, including wiping away a urine line from the front of a toilet bowl, needed to be done well, Soft-voiced and exactly 5 feet, 2 inches tall with a bad knee that made her limp, Mesfin commanded respect for her attention to detail used pointe shoes for sale and the swiftness with which she carried out her work duties, “She’d be done with one restroom and I’d still be in the middle of one restroom,” said Diaz, who is not half Mesfin’s age, “That lady, she moved fast.”..

Mesfin wore a fanny pack around her waist to store the ink pens she liked to collect, tissues, ibuprofen, bandages and a little knife she used to cut the fruit that seemed to be the only thing she ate.  Firm but kind, she addressed coworkers with the endearment “darling,” mentoring them on life issues as well as cleaning tasks. Diaz recalled: “She wanted me to not hold grudges and get along with everybody.”. But Mesfin suffered from heart problems apparently caused by a virus. Emergency room visits generated medical bills. The stress, on top of how hard she worked and the fitful sleep she likely got in her car, caught up with her.

The week before she went missing, Mesfin had told Diaz she wasn’t feeling well because of her blood pressure and an inability to relieve herself, “When used pointe shoes for sale you saw her at work, she always looked so tired,” Diaz recalled, “At the last break, she would go to the cafeteria and immediately put her head down and knock out for 15 minutes, I’d sit at the table next to her and watch her, I’d have to wake her up.”, But Mesfin never complained, Diaz added: “She’d just get up and go back to work, She was never sitting down, Never, Unless it was to take her break.”..

When her supervisor would ask if anyone wanted to do an extra shift, Mesfin, who had seniority, always did. “She would work six days whenever that was offered,” said Heather Rodriguez, who worked occasionally with Mesfin over a two-year period up until 2015. “She never called in sick as far as I know.”. Rodriguez, 28, recalled spotting her old colleague at a Del Taco one summer day in 2016 and being alarmed by the unkempt appearance of the baggy sweatshirt and cargo pants Mesfin wore. But Rodriguez didn’t approach Mesfin, thinking she would not be remembered.

That used pointe shoes for sale missed opportunity makes Rodriguez cry with regret, “I should have gone up to her and said something,” she said in a shaking voice, “Maybe I would have got some information from her.”, Mindy Martin, another coworker who became a close friend, did coax the truth from Mesfin, In the six years that Martin worked with Mesfin, Mesfin never invited any coworkers to visit where she lived.  If asked about her home life, she would only mention a mysterious roommate, But in early 2016, Mesfin asked Martin if she could have her mail sent to Martin’s home, saying she didn’t want her roommate to see her correspondence, That made Martin suspicious. So did the constant mail Mesfin got: envelopes with the words “Final Notice” and “Please Respond Immediately” stamped on them..

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