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Related ArticlesMt. Hamilton just had its snowiest month ever recordedStorm soaks Bay Area overnight, but relief may be aheadRain rolls in, heaviest downpours expected overnightBay Area forecast: Wet winter continues with more storms lined upA by-the-numbers look at Northern California’s wild weatherThis weekend’s storm brought massive waves to the California coast. One casualty on Saturday was the S.S. Palo Alto at the end of the pier at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos. The exploding surf tore at the end of the cement vessel closest to the beach, breaking it off.

National Weather Service forecaster Drew Peterson told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that they were seeing the largest swell readings in Monterey Bay that any of the forecasters could recall, At one point the buoy recorded a swell of 34 feet, “It’s just an unusual January with this active weather, With the Cement Ship, we’re starting to see the ramifications,” Peterson said, Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date with our new, free mobile what do ballerinas put in their pointe shoes app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store..

Related ArticlesCement Ship ‘not going to disappear,’ scientist said in 2016The S.S. Palo Alto is a historic symbol in Santa Cruz County.  The concrete ship was built as a tanker at the end of World War I by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company at the U.S. Naval Shipyard in Oakland. She was launched on 29 May 1919, too late to see service in the war and was mothballed in Oakland until 1929, when she was bought by the Seacliff Amusement Corporation and towed to Seacliff State Beach and refitted as an amusement ship.

Demonstrators took to the streets across the Bay Area Friday, armed with signs, effigies, and pinatas to protest the inauguration of Donald J, Trump as the 45th president of the United States, About 500 people gathered midafternoon in downtown Oakland, where several people spoke about the legacy of the labor movement, participated in one-on-one “listening sessions” and chanted “Not what do ballerinas put in their pointe shoes my president,” while music played in the background, One Oakland resident, Jessica Jirsa, brought out an easel and pink paint to capture scenes of the rally, A South Dakota native, Jirsa said she was discouraged by the apparent divisiveness of Trump’s campaign and presidency..

To help bridge the divide, a dozen volunteers with the group, Sidewalk Talk, set up chairs for informal listening sessions. Co-organizer Valerie Moore said the sessions, which were originally developed as part of the annual Mental Health Awareness Week, allow people to air their concerns to an empathetic ear. “People have a lot of feelings today,” Moore said. “There’s certainly a lot of anxiety, a lot of anger and frustration.”. Shortly after 1 p.m., demonstrators took to the street, walking up Telegraph Avenue for several blocks before looping back to Frank Ogawa Plaza, where they met up with students from across the East Bay.

Fremont High School junior, Janet Chavez, said she was encouraged to see so many students show support for immigrant rights. Although Chavez was born in the United States, her parents were not and are living here as undocumented immigrants, she said, And, she’s afraid of what would happen if Trump deports them, “They’re really all I have out here,” she said, “So, if they left, I would probably have to leave, too, And, I love it here.”, While most of the onlookers watching the protests either cheered along with what do ballerinas put in their pointe shoes the demonstrators, videotaped or photographed them, the protest was not without its detractors..

Don Hendleson, a Berkeley resident and recent Michigan transplant, shouted “Go Trump,” as a several hundred of the demonstrators from Berkeley made their way down Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. He said the protesters should “quit their crying,” and called former President Obama a “lie.”. “It’s time to have some change in the White House,” he said. “We need better immigration laws. … And if that means people need to learn English, so be it. If that means they have to give up their religion, so be it.”.

The demonstrations began again around 5 p.m, in downtown Oakland, with protesters gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza with some burning effigies of the newly inaugurated president, Another group engaged in a ceremonial dance before the protesters again took their what do ballerinas put in their pointe shoes demonstration to the streets of downtown Oakland, Police arrested three people Friday night at the protests, said Oakland police Officer Johnna Watson, Two were arrested for graffiti and one for resisting arrest, Officers contained protesters to the plaza and the nearby area, Only 40 people remained at the plaza as of 8 p.m..

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