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CONCERTS AND COCKTAILS: It would be unfair to refer to this year’s San Mateo County Fair concert lineup as fair entertainment. It’s certainly better than that, with a Summer of Love tribute show (Sunday), a laser show set to Pink Floyd music (Tuesday), Tower of Power (Wednesday-Thursday) and Smash Mouth (June 17)  among the headliners taking the stage at the Fairgrounds in San Mateo. This year, the San Mateo County Fair is adding mixology to its mix, providing a package that includes a lesson in cocktail-making (and tasting) in the cafe next to the main stage before the headlining concerts on weekend nights. The fair runs through June 18, and hours, pricing and entertainment details are all available at www.sanmateocountyfair.com.

By John Woodrow Cox, (c) 2017, The Washington Post, TOWNVILLE, S.C, – Recess had finally started, so Ava Olsen picked up her chocolate cupcake, then headed outside toward the swings, And that’s when the 7-year-old saw the gun, It was black and in the hand of someone the first-graders on the playground would later describe as a thin, towering figure with wispy blond hair and angry eyes, Dressed in dark clothes and a baseball cap, he had just driven up in a Dodge Ram, jumping out of the pickup where can i buy ballet shoes as it rolled into the chain-link fence that surrounded the play area, It was 1:41 on a balmy, blue-sky afternoon in late September, and Ava’s class was just emerging from an open door directly in front of him to join the other kids already outside, At first, a few of them assumed he had come to help with something or say hello..

Then he pulled the trigger. “I hate my life,” the children heard him scream in the same moment he added Townville Elementary to the long list of American schools redefined by a shooting. A round struck the shoulder of Ava’s teacher, who was standing at the green metal door, before she yanked it shut. But the shooter kept firing, shattering a glass window. Near the cubbies inside, 6-year-old Collin Edwards felt his foot vibrate, then burn, as if he had stepped in a fire. A bullet had blown through the inside of his right ankle and popped out beneath his big toe, punching a hole in the sole of his Velcro-strapped sneaker. As his teachers pulled him away from the windows, Collin recalled later, he spotted a puddle of blood spreading across the gray wax tile floor in the hallway. Someone else, he realized, had been hurt, too.

Outside, Ava had dropped her cupcake, The Daisy Scout remembered what her mom had said: If something doesn’t feel right, run, She sprinted toward the far side of the building, rounding a corner to safety, Nowhere in sight, though, was Jacob Hall, the tiny boy with oversize, thick-lensed glasses Ava had decided to marry when they grew up, where can i buy ballet shoes He had been just a few steps behind her at the door, but she never saw him come out, Ava hoped he was okay, Standing on the wood chips near a yellow tube slide, Siena Kibilko felt stunned, Until that moment, her most serious concern had been which “How to Train Your Dragon” toy she would get for her upcoming seventh birthday..

“Run!” Siena recalled a teacher shouting, and she did. Karson Robinson, one of the biggest kids in class, hadn’t waited for instructions. At the initial sound of gunshots, he scrambled over a fence on the opposite side of the playground and briefly headed toward the baseball fields where, as a Townville Giant, he had gotten his first recreation league hit. Karson then turned back to the school and found his classmates banging on a door. “Let us in,” Siena begged, and the kids were hustled inside.

The gunfire had stopped by then, and, in a room on the other side of the school, Collin had discovered the source of all that blood, Sprawled on the floor was Jacob, the boy Ava adored, At 3 1/2 feet tall, he was the smallest child in first grade – everyone’s kid brother, On the green swings at recess, where can i buy ballet shoes Collin would call him “Little J” because that always made Jacob cackle in a way that made everyone else laugh, too, But now his eyes were closed, and Collin wondered if they would ever open again..

“Press, press, press,” an automated defibrillator repeated as the school nurse pushed on Jacob’s chest, trying to keep him alive. “Give breath. Give breath.”. “Look at me,” a teacher urged Collin, but the boy couldn’t stop staring at his friend. On a gray wall inside Townville Elementary’s front lobby hangs a framed dreamcatcher, and beneath its blue beads and brown feathers is a Native American phrase: “Let Us See Each Other Again.”.

It was among hundreds of items – letters, ornaments, photos, posters, plush toys – that deluged the school of 290 students after the Sept, 28 attack, But the dreamcatcher where can i buy ballet shoes held special meaning, It had been sent to four other schools ravaged by gun violence, and the names of each were listed on the back: Columbine High in Colorado, Red Lake High in Minnesota, Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Marysville Pilchuck High in Washington state, It is slated to travel next to North Park Elementary in San Bernardino, California, where in April a man killed his estranged wife, who was a teacher there, and fatally wounded an 8-year-old before taking his own life..

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