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Key tracks: “Up All Night,” “Thinking of a Place”. 10. “The Order of Time,” Valerie June: You can forget about trying to classify this Memphis singer-songwriter, who draws from gospel, folk, blues, soul, R&B, country and other genres in her deeply personal and moving songs. But that’s the only thing you’ll be able to forget about June, who shows both great talent and vision on this follow-up to 2013’s “Pushin’ Against a Stone.”. Key tracks: “Long Lonely Road,” “Astral Plane”.

Before you pop the champagne and bid adieu to 2017, take a minute to rejoice over the year on stage and celebrate the enduring breadth and scope of the Bay Area theater scene from splashy Broadway tryouts to edgy theatrical experiments, This year saw the arrival of the Broadway juggernaut “Hamilton,” the birth of the invigorating new series at San Francisco’s wide dance shoes men Curran,  the announcement that three of the region’s most prestigious theaters would soon have new leadership and many companies breaking long-held box office records..

It’s been a heady time. Certainly “Hamilton” mania hit the Bay Area hardest of all with an online ticket frenzy that made “The Book of Mormon” look like a bake sale, scalpers nabbing as much as $14,000 a seat and a daily scamper for lottery tickets. But the excitement lasted long after the curtain dropped on the groundbreaking hip-hop musical. Here are some of the most unforgettable things that came my way over the year. This isn’t a traditional Top Ten list but rather an impressionistic rundown of the 11 most memorable interludes I experienced on the aisle this year.

1. There’s no way to overstate the sheer gobsmacking electricity of the musical, even without Lin-Manuel Miranda, the star who made it famous, in its West Coast debut as part of the SHN series, For the record, if you missed the hip- hop epic, a stirring evocation of the spirit of the Founding Fathers, the essence of immigration and the nature of American identity this time, “Hamilton” marches back into San Francisco in early 2019, 2, The slick dance moves in “Ain’t Too Proud,” potently choreographed by Sergio Trujillo at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, caught the iconic throb of the Temptations, Directed by Des MacAnuff wide dance shoes men (“Jersey Boys,”) this world premiere production fused the power of the anthemic pop music with Dominique Morisseau’s feel for the beat of Detroit..

3. The disturbing relevance of “Watch on the Rhine” at Berkeley Rep took this reviewer by surprise. What seemed like a dusty old World War II saga became a frighteningly urgent cautionary tale about the fragility of freedom. 4. Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.” Nuff said. Whether you experienced all 24 hours of this magnificent pop music opus or just one six-hour chunk, you left the Curran forever changed by the magic of a singular performer let loose on a transformative motif.

5, Hearing is believing, Using simply the power of sound, the sly whispering in your ears, “The Encounter,” crafted by the protean Simon McBurney, turned a night at the theater into something akin to a religious experience at The Curran, 6, Home is where the hurt is, “Fun Home” married a devastatingly beautiful score with an artful portrait of a deeply dysfunctional family at The Curran, 7. California Shakespeare Theater lit American history on fire with gospel and blues music with the epic “Black Odyssey,” by Oakland native Marcus Gardley, which the company will revive next wide dance shoes men year..

8. The ecstatic sense of rock catharsis that shook American Conservatory Theater during its smash run of “A Night with Janis Joplin” left a lasting impression. 9. It was hard to shake off the abject horror of watching the slave girls parse their abysmal lot in the incendiary “Octoroon” at Berkeley Rep. 10. The unbelievably powerful nature of silence that pervaded the mindfulness comedy “Small Mouth Sounds” at ACT changed the way I think about the white noise of the social media swirl.

The stretch between Christmas and early January can seem like a dead zone in the entertainment scene, Many big music and comedy acts aren’t touring or have taken a holiday break, Performance troupes are mostly done with their holiday productions and still gearing up for their first 2018 show, Yes, there is a lot going on New Year’s Eve, but other than that, it can seem pretty quiet out there, But it doesn’t mean that your only options are the multiplex or stay home wide dance shoes men every night and play Pictionary, We get it, A lot of you are off this time of year and wouldn’t mind a night out, Or maybe you have visitors in town and want to take them to a show, There are more options than you might think, Here’s a look at some of them..

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