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The sips: We were delighted with the range and quality of wines, from an awesome Mendocino roussanne, marsanne and viognier blend to a beguiling Austrian red zweigelt and red Portuguese blend. We’d trust Lewensztain to choose more wines for us. Details: www.plonkwineclub.com. Los Angeles-based sommelier Ashley Ragovin (Animal, Osteria Mozza) is on a mission to bring you “damn good wine,” she says, by sourcing sustainably-produced global wines from producers she loves and trusts. Each monthly Pour This shipment ($125) includes three bottles, which may include a mix of French, Gaillac — a French wine-growing region that dates back to ancient Gaul — or Sonoma County wines. This is the most expensive wine club entry-level pricing, but the caliber of wines is deeply impressive, which makes this a great way for serious wine lovers to discover cool and obscure wines effortlessly. Each shipment arrives with a CD filled with tunes for sipping, dancing and enjoying the evening. Despite its name, our “Flash Dance” CD was a mellow blend of chill ’60s and modern tunes.

The sips: We were enamored with the cru Beaujolais from the French village of Fleurie, and mauzac, a waxy floral French Gaillac white variety we’d never heard of, A friend, who tasted with us, went nuts for a mysterious red blend also from Gaillac, saying it had legs womens performa stretch canvas ballet shoes so long it needed stilettos, If Ragovin’s wines inspire this much passion, sign us up for more, Details: www.pour-this.com, Uncorked VenturesInspired by Berkeley wine importer and retailer Kermit Lynch philosophy, Mark Aselstine aims to offer his Uncorked Ventures club members West Coast wines that wine-industry insiders drink, He meets with winemakers and vineyard owners and keeps on top of trends, such as the growth of cool-climate vineyard sites and urban tasting rooms. Memberships range from Wine Exploration ($55 for two bottles) to Reserve Selections ($225 for three bottles), available in monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipments..

The sips: We signed up for the Wine Exploration, and received an Oregon pinot gris and Napa Valley syrah. The wines weren’t the expected regional varietals, and were from top-notch producers. Oenophiles may recognize many of the boutique labels; wine newbies may not. This is a great option for wine lovers who want to get out of a rut and try something new. Details: www.uncorkedventures.com. Wine AwesomenessCurated by staff sommeliers, the offerings are billed as wines you don’t see everywhere but want to drink daily. The team finds small-production wines and also collaborates with winemakers on bottlings, such as the Lekker South African rosé included in our shipment. You can choose monthly 3-packs ($45) or six-packs ($75) of all white, all red or a mix. And, they promise, if you can find the wines in their shipments for less, they’ll give you wine free for a year. Shipments include a mini-magazine, The Back Label, filled with stories about the wines and recipes from the Food52 blog.

The sips: Some of the wines, including an Australian pinot gris and an Italian white pecorino (not the cheese), were indeed awesome, Others were pretty average, but good everyday-drinking wines, Details: www.wineawesomeness.com, VinfluenceThis is a wine club with a purpose: Vinfluence donates 20 percent of proceeds to City Harvest, Sustainable Harvest International, Fiver Children’s Foundation and other nonprofits, Certified sommelier and wine educator Shannon Westfall wants her club members to discover wines womens performa stretch canvas ballet shoes from small, off-the-beaten path wineries. Westfall sources wine through vineyard partnerships, with an emphasis on environmental stewardship, Each monthly shipment highlights a single winery, typically one whose small production levels make it nearly impossible to find in retail stores, A Discovery membership is $100 for three wines (plus tax and $15 shipping); a Collector membership is $200 for six wines (plus tax and $20 shipping), Added perks: Winemaker dinners, special events and free tastings for up to four people at partner wineries..

Cast: Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Will Oldham (R), 1:27. Though inspired by Peter Straub’s 1979 horror novel “Ghost Story” — the latest movie from writer-director David Lowery (“Pete’s Dragon”) — isn’t a horror film exactly, unless you count the horror of  solitude.  As spare and precise in its effects as Straub’s novel was lurid and extravagant, it opens in domestic contentment, and proceeds to tell a wrenching story of love and loss that pries open a window onto eternity.

Much of the story unfolds in the rural Texas home of a young unidentified couple, invested with warmth and sensitivity by Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. One night the couple’s slumber is disturbed by the banging of keys on the piano in their living room, though a subsequent search reveals no sign of an intruder, Still, despite the reassuring tenderness womens performa stretch canvas ballet shoes of the scene that follows — a nearly five-minute shot of husband and wife back in bed, wrapped in a sleepy embrace — something vaguely sinister lingers..

Within moments of that scene the man is dead, killed in an off-screen car accident — which gets an absurdist spin when he returns as a silent, slow-moving figure wearing a thick white sheet with two small eye-holes, a conceit that plays here as both disarming and briefly amusing. Ultimately, though, “A Ghost Story” is too idiosyncratic to seem anything but sincere. We follow this costume-shop apparition as he roams the grounds of his old home, bearing solemn witness to his partner’s sorrow. Although separated by death, husband and wife remain united by the extremity of their anguish. But before long the woman leaves, and her husband is forced to look on helplessly as she is replaced by a steady stream of new occupants in the house.

Lowery seems less interested in exploiting the trappings of horror than using them to heighten his characters’ isolation, The house’s womens performa stretch canvas ballet shoes new occupants — including a party guest (Will Oldham), whose soliloquy accounts for nearly half the movie’s dialogue — remind us that we are all, in the end, just passing through, The astonishing narrative free-fall of the third act is best left for the viewer to discover, Suffice to say that time turns weirdly elastic, These scenes are a warning to look closer and listen carefully to the deeper meaning of moments that might otherwise seem insignificant..

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