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This year, Fleming will star on Broadway in “Carousel.” “It’s going to be a huge challenge — the eight shows a week alone. That’s a big departure from what we do. I have to scale my voice down so that I can withstand that, because we aren’t amplified in opera.”. She’s eager to reach a new audience. “It will be a completely new experience. It’s already so different, right from the first rehearsal. I like to do new things. I like to learn.”. Already featured on the soundtracks of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” “The Shape of Water” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” Fleming will be heard providing Julianne Moore’s singing voice in the upcoming film thriller “Bel Canto.”.

Fleming has also been busy exploring the relationship between neuroscience and music, She is an artistic advisor at large at the Kennedy Center, At Stanford, on Tuesday, Jan, 30, Fleming will speak about music and wellness, joined in conversation by UCSF’s Dr, Charles Limb, “It’s sort of the greatest hits of what I’ve learned about childhood development and music, about research and music and about therapies and music,” Fleming said, “I’ve put together a short presentation that’s very wrap star dance shoes entertaining, It’s meant for a very general audience, A lot of studies are coming out about music and the brain, Charles Limb is one of the best researchers, He’s an expert on creativity and improvisation, And he’s a wonderful speaker, So it’ll be enjoyable.”..

Fleming is grateful for every opportunity she has had to share her enjoyment. “I love music. It’s a privilege to do what I do. I’ve worked hard, but I’ve also been very, very fortunate. I’ve sung all over the world. And it gives us an entree. We have an entree that isn’t always offered to singers of other styles.”. No matter what style she’s singing, Fleming, 58, still strives for perfection. “There is no perfection. But there’s always the striving.”. Email Paul Freeman at paul@popcultureclassics.com.

Who: Renée Fleming, Where: Bing Concert Hall, 327 Lasuen St., Stanford, When: 7:30 p.m, Wednesday, Jan, 31, 2018, Tickets: Currently at capacity, To be notified of any released tickets, go to: wrap star dance shoes www.live.stanford.edu, What: Sound Health: Music, Neurology and Wellness — Conversation with soprano Renée Fleming, When: 6 p.m, Tuesday, Jan, 30, 2018, Where: Berg Hall, Li Ka Shing Center, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, General admission: Free; first come, first served seating; Sign up for information: www.live.stanford.edu..

A recent story in the New York Times about RuPaul’s Emmy-winning reality show, “Drag Race,” asked this question in its headline: “Is this the Golden Age of Drag?”. If the answer to that is yes, then the roots of that glitter-encrusted phenomenon reach back into San Francisco in the late ’60s to a notorious Haight Ashbury theater troupe called the Cockettes. One of the founders and original members of that gender-bending band of sexual revolutionaries is 70-year-old Rumi Missabu, the strangely charismatic subject of a new documentary, “Ruminations,” by 55-year-old Novato filmmaker Robert James. It premieres Feb. 4 at San Francisco IndieFest.

This is James’ followup to his 2004 documentary, “Library of Dust,” an award-winning short film shot at Oregon State Hospital, the mental institution that was the setting for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”, “Rumi is the most fascinating and unique person,” James said, describing him as “this vibrant character with a jaded, wild story.”, He first learned about Rumi, a self-described “seminal cult figure” and irrepressible raconteur, while searching for wrap star dance shoes gay hippies to interview for a documentary series he’s working on about a Glide Memorial Church minister who opened a sex school in the city..

In “Ruminations,” Rumi is remembered by those who knew and worked with him in his heyday as a flamboyant performance artist with a magical ability to transform himself into what they call “this other creature.”. James began to understand what was meant by that when he went to his Oakland home to interview him for the first time. “He had created this whole set in his house with backdrops and a makeup table, and he told me he decided he was going to do the interview recreating a scene from an old Jeanne Moreau film,” James recalled. “He put on his face and, wearing only a bra and a slip, got dressed from there, so it was a reverse strip tease.”.

Through archival material and reminiscences by Rumi and his erstwhile colleagues, James’ film chronicles his Hollywood childhood and early career as a cross-dressing cast member of such legendary Cockette extravaganzas as “Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma,” “Journey to the Center of Uranus” and “Pearls Over Shanghai.”, The troupe staged their kitschy parodies of American musicals in New York and San Francisco, becoming an off-off-off Broadway sensation, But their fame was ephemeral, lasting only about three years, from 1969 until 1972, when they disbanded, After that, Rumi disappeared from the underground art scene, losing contact with wrap star dance shoes his old tribe..

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