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As always it comes down to personal preference. Some viewers might like the GS5's epic contrast or the ability to "pick your color" with its screen modes, while others may really value the simplicity and slightly better color accuracy of an iPhone. That said, we think the Samsung has the superior display for most viewing situations and content. Apps and websites increasingly favor colorful images over black-and-white text, and in many images the screen of the S5 actually looked brighter than that of the iPhones thanks to its pop and contrast. The S5 also lost very little in high ambient light and outside.

Meanwhile the iPhone 6 and z force iphone case 6 Plus were nearly identical to each other in performance, and are superb small screens in their own right, We doubt too many users will be complaining about their image quality, The new iPhone displays also have better contrast ratios and better color than the older iPhone 5S, but it's a subtle difference, In everyday use, distinguishing between the IPS Retina displays of the iPhones and the Galaxy S5's Super AMOLED is tough unless you have the phones next to each other, The iPhones have excellent displays with great color and a lot of brightness, but because they're not OLED they simply won't pop in most lighting situations with the same vivid contrast Samsung's display has, The iPhones have great displays, It's simply that Samsung's GS5 screen is, for most use cases, a bit better..

Finally, it bears repeating that we consider screen quality less important than numerous other factors, like handset design, size, brand, carrier, software, and ecosystem. It's still important enough to test though, especially in pricey flagship phones we use to consume entertainment of all kinds. For details on methodology,check out the original screens test. CNET compares the screen performance of the latest iPhones versus Samsung's flagship Galaxy. Aside from one another, the main competition for Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes from Samsung's line of Galaxies, the Galaxy S5 and the upcoming Note 4 .

In the other hand, the shiny new iPhone 6 Plus -- which, I should add, is still perfectly flat despite frequent placement in pockets of numerous pants, both loose and z force iphone case fitted, This isn't the first time I've pondered making the jump from Android to iOS, I seriously considered switching when the 5 rolled around, because there was finally a decent-sized iPhone, I again struggled with the decision with the iPhone 5S, The extra performance, plus the fingerprint scanner, really caught my eye, But, the keyboard disappointed, and I still liked the size of the Note better..

Now, with a bigger phone, with SwiftKey on-tap, with stellar battery life, and with a really great camera, the siren call is even stronger. So why, then, do I keep reaching for my Note when the iPhone 6 Plus is right there?. I've truly been living with these two phones for the past two weeks now, a sort of happy menage a phablet that's seen my pockets a little more full than usual. I've installed all my favorite apps on the iPhone, spent way too much time dragging bobbing icons around to arrange everything just-so and wasted countless hours wooing the Horta and other officially licensed creatures in Star Trek Trexels. (What a terrible, horribly addictive game for a Trekker like myself.).

Of all the apps available on both Android and iOS, and there is of course a huge overlap at this point, every single one I've tried looks better on Apple's platform, If that weren't bad enough, many offer more features, too, Launching an app on the iPhone and then doing the z force iphone case same on the Note feels like returning to a land where aesthetics and design are afterthoughts, I understand why the compromises have been made -- too many screen sizes, too many resolutions, too many devices to optimize for all -- but it's still disappointing to see..

Still, as painful as it is, when I need to get something done, I always reach for the Note 3. The main reason is the typing experience. SwiftKey on iOS is a nice step forward, but it's still miles better on Android. Given the volume of email that I process on a given day, typing efficiency means a lot. Email in general is a big deal for me. The iOS Gmail app looks far prettier than the Android version, but it's a bit slower to use. Most annoying is that it doesn't download and cache messages. Gmail on Android is constantly retrieving email, storing it for offline access. On iOS, Gmail will send a notification that you have a new email, but if you're offline when you try to read it, you're out of luck. When running between meetings in New York City and checking in while on the subway, that's a major difference in its usability.

And, of course, there's the stylus, As many of you commented when I first professed my affection for the thing, I probably am one of the few people who legitimately use the Note 3's S Pen regularly, Nevertheless, I do, particularly during interviews, which I also record on the Note, A reader, David, was kind enough to write me and tell me about the iOS app Highlight, which lets you tap the screen while recording an interview to mark any z force iphone case notable bits, That definitely helps, but it isn't quite enough to completely obviate the stylus for me..

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