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Oshun is no stranger to making clothes. She designs and makes clothing that she sells on her own website. But having focused on pants and tops, making a formal dress was a new challenge, she said. She spent two hours the night before and three hours the day of the prom. The whole project cost her about $15, which she used to buy tulle material that she paired with an older dress and added flowers from parts of another dress. — Oshun (@bluexheeta) April 29, 2017. The dress was a hit on Twitter, where she had posted updates as she made the dress that got almost 2,000 “likes.”.

At a time amazon ballet flats when high school students are eager to bring uniqueness to the prom — many create social media pages to warn others of what their dresses will look like so no one wears the same thing — Oshun created a surefire way to make sure no one would have the same look at the dance, — Oshun (@bluexheeta) April 29, 2017, And at $15, she eliminated the dress cost, which can climb to hundreds of dollars, A Visa Inc, study from 2015 pegged the cost of prom for an average family at almost $1,000, which can include tickets, attire, transportation, dinner, photos, flowers and other items..

The Heritage Theatre in Campbell will undergo its first makeover since reopening in February 2004. The city council approved up to $200,000 worth of funding for improvements to the theater at its May 2 meeting on a 3-1 vote, with Councilman Jeffrey Cristina dissenting. The update will result in a slew of aesthetic enhancements. Improvements to the 800-seat theater come as some furniture and other items have reached the end of their lifespan, according to city staff. The estimated cost of the enhancements is $181,500.

“Staff is just really trying to enhance the beauty of the iconic building that we have in Campbell and really emphasize that,” recreation services manager Natasha Bissell told the council, The theater, located at 1 W, Campbell Ave., was reopened by Friends of the Heritage Theatre in 2004, It was built as part of Campbell High School’s auditorium in 1938 and closed in 1982, two years after the school closed, It hosts concerts, school amazon ballet flats plays, dance programs, community meetings and more throughout the year..

The theater will have its carpet replaced, front doors refurbished and furniture reupholstered, according to the staff report. “The front doors are the original doors to the building from 1938,” Bissell said, adding that there are gaps between the door and frame. “They are 79 years old.”. Additionally, the window shades and green room refrigerator will be replaced. New paint will be applied to the building’s interior. A new regular-size office will be added, as the box office is too small for theater staff and volunteers, Bissell said.

The outdoor marquee will be replaced to provide better visibility, “The amazon ballet flats reader board was also installed at the time the theater was restored in 2004,” Bissell said, adding that panels to the electronic marquee often malfunction, “It’s an outdated technology.”, To allow theater staff and volunteers to operate more efficiently, the concession stand will be reconfigured, The roof is due for coating to protect from leaks and water damaging, staff said, The most expensive improvement will be the carpet installation, which is estimated to cost $45,000, according to the staff report..

Funds from a “preservation and enhancement fee” will pay for the renovations. “A $1 fee was incorporated into the rental fees and ticket prices for all events, whether they were ticketed events or free and open to the public, to provide this ongoing revenue stream for this fund,” Bissell said, adding that there is $487,498 in the fund. Funding for the update comes after a new lighting system was installed earlier this year. Friends of the Heritage Theatre had been working to raise money for the technology and light installation since 2014 through concession sales and donations. The total cost of the project was $38,690. The nonprofit raised $18,500.

The group secured $4,000 from the Campbell Community Fund and $2,500 from the amazon ballet flats Richard Kauffman & Family Trust, Additional donations came from Joe Quilici and the Silicon Valley Civil & Structural Engineers, Brian Brennan, Debra DeMartini, Jane Kennedy and Sue Rodrigues, The city provided $13,690, Councilman Cristina told this newspaper he cast his dissenting vote because he did not agree with the removal of cypress trees in front of light poles located at the front entrance of the theater, He also did not agree with “giving more money than what was allocated.” The council approved up to $200,000 for the project, whereas staff only requested $181,500..

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