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BY SETH BORENSTEIN. WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have found an extra charming new subatomic particle that they hope will help further explain a key force that binds matter together. Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Europe announced Thursday the fleeting discovery of a long theorized but never-before-seen type of baryon. Baryons are subatomic particles made up of quarks. Protons and neutrons are the most common baryons. Quarks are even smaller particles that come in six types, two common types that are light and four heavier types.

The high-speed ballet slippers nail varnish collisions at the world’s biggest atom smasher created for a fraction of a second a baryon particle called Xi cc, said Oxford physicist Guy Wilkinson, who is part of the experiment, The particle has two heavy quarks — both of a type that are called “charm”— and a light one, In the natural world, baryons have at most one heavy quark, It may have been brief, but in particle physics it lived for “an appreciably long time,” he said, The two heavy quarks are in a dance that’s just like the interaction of a star system with two suns and the third lighter quark circles the dancing pair, Wilkinson said..

“People have looked for it for a long time,” Wilkinson said. He said this opens up a whole new “family” of baryons for physicists to find and study. “It gives us a very unique and interesting laboratory to give us an interesting new angle on the behavior of the strong interaction (between particles), which is one of the key forces in nature,” Wilkinson said. Chris Quigg, a theoretical physicist at the Fermilab near Chicago, who wasn’t part of the discovery team, praised the discovery and said “it gives us a lot to think about.”.

Famed French artist Sophie Calle’s biggest U.S, show yet and the earworm musical “Mamma Mia!” top my Weekend Top 10 list of stuff to do in the Bay Area, 1 Sophie Calle, “Missing”: Calle, the French writer ballet slippers nail varnish and conceptual artist, has built an ardent global following with her multimedia works and installations detailing deeply personal moments in her life and in the lives of her subjects, She has mounted five of her best-known works at Fort Mason in San Francisco in what’s described as her most extensive showing in the U.S, to date, Those who visit will have a chance to see to “Rachel Monique,” a 2007 multimedia project dedicated to her mother, which includes footage of her final breaths of life; “Take Care of Yourself,” a work built around a harsh break-up letter she received from a lover; “Voir la mer,” a film installation depicting destitute people in Turkey witnessing the ocean for the first time; and other works..

Details: Through Aug. 20 at venues throughout the Fort Mason campus; free but tickets required; more information and tickets are available at Related ArticlesFive, fun & free things to do in the Bay Area, July 7-9Have Bay Area weekend plans? Here are some ideas (July 6 edition)Sound advice: Top 3 concerts in Bay Area this weekend (July 7-9)2 “Mamma Mia”: Woodminster Summer Musicals opens its 51st season with Catherine Johnson’s famed jukebox musical that constructs a sweet and ludicrous romantic comedy around the insanely catchy pop tunes of ABBA (“Dancing Queen,” “Knowing Me, Knowing You,” “The Winner Takes it All,” etc.). While other theater productions around the Bay Area are nobly addressing the myriad issues setting fire to the American political landscape, there is something to be said for a night of gleefully escapist fare, and “Mamma Mia!” is just that.

Details: July 7-16; Woodminster Amphitheatre at Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland; $31-$64; 510-531-9597;, 3 Hershey Felder, “Beethoven”: Felder, the musician, actor and storyteller, has a love affair ballet slippers nail varnish going with the Bay Area, His solo shows focusing on the lives and music of famed composers ranging from Gershwin and Bernstein to Beethoven have been big hits at Berkeley Rep and TheatreWorks, His current production of “Beethoven” broke TheatreWorks box office records and has been extended, but this weekend will mark your last chance to see the show, and tickets are going fast..

Details: Through July 9; Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts; $44-$108; 4 Debora Iyall and Barbara Manning: Here’s a nifty double bill: The two women who emerged as post-punk/indie rock icons in the Bay Area during the 1980s and ’90s will be at Albany’s Ivy Room on July 8 with their respective bands. Iyall is best known as the singer for Romeo Void, whose 1982 hit “Never Say Never” delivered the memorable line “I might like you better if we slept together.” Manning, as a solo artist and singer/guitarist for such bands as SF Seals, was a Bay Area favorite and critics’ darling for her ‘90s indie-rock songwriting.

Details: 9 p.m.; $12-$15;, 5 Gina Brillon: The ballet slippers nail varnish clever New York-based Latina comedian has struck a chord with her relationship-centered stand-up routine, It impressed actor Kevin James so much he reportedly has been working to get a network sitcom built around her comedy, That hasn’t happened yet, but for the time being you can catch Brillon’s act this weekend at San Jose Improv, Details: Six performances July 6-9; $17;, 6 “Nonna and the Dressmaker”: Altarena Playhouse in Alameda presents the world premiere of East Bay playwright Mercedes Cohen’s Holocaust-themed drama about a young, pregnant Jewish woman being hidden from the Nazis in Rome by a Catholic family, A review of the production is here..

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