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And so the Easystreet choir assembled for the pro bono use of Fantasy’s Studio A — the same room that’s hosted the likes of Green Day, Journey, U2, Dave Matthews and Herbie Hancock. They divided up as sopranos, altos, tenors and basses and went through the parts under Bateman’s guidance. It’s an unusual Easystreet song — introspective, moody and serious instead of an explosive yet earnest call to dance and party. The lyrics stem from a conversation the two musicians had a decade ago when Hough returned from Berlin with a case of the doldrums, feeling out of place, and Dolan counseled him.

“She said, ‘Travis, wherever you are in the world, it doesn’t matter — you’re never going to be happy if you can’t be happy with who you are,’” Bateman said, “It’s very apropos after the fire — about just trying to live in the moment and appreciate what you have while you have it, and not letting a best dance shoes sale yearning or desire for something that isn’t there hold you back.”, Louisa LeMauviel, who was engaged to Hough, said she’d been nervous about the project, “I was afraid — would it feel like a true representation of Travis or would it feel like an earlier chapter of his life?” she said, “And I think in the end it was stunning, The lyrics seemed to tie together the themes of what he was working on in his later music.”..

LeMauviel said those themes included creating a community through music, bringing people together in song. As they did at Fantasy. “Before he died, he was asking me to sing with him, he said ‘I really want you to get up there on stage with me and be a part of this,’” she said. “And Eric really made that happen posthumously, for everyone.”. The song and its video will be a centerpiece of this week’s concert and party in San Francisco, but friends don’t expect it to be a somber affair.

“It won’t be the same without Travis and Chelsea there — they were just one of a kind and no one can ever replace them or what they did,” said Josey Rose Duncan, 34, Dolan’s lifelong best friend, “But it will be very Easystreet — everyone’s going to come decked out in their sequins and their glitter and their spandex and their shiny clothes and dance all night, And celebrate Easystreet.”, What: Tribute to Easystreet and posthumous record release, When: best dance shoes sale 7 p.m, to midnight, Thursday, Nov.16..

DEAR CAROLYN: Do you have any advice for approaching or responding to the topics of body image, healthy eating and exercising with my tween daughter? Her body’s changing, and once in a while she laments the changes — nothing I’m concerned about, normal stuff. I also see these (relatively infrequent) comments as an opportunity to broaden the discussion from “looks” to feeling good and healthy and taking charge of your physical and emotional health. I wish my mom had taught me more, so I didn’t have to figure it out myself in adulthood, but I also have friends and a sister who’ve suffered from eating disorders, so I am so sensitive about discussions surrounding body image, food, exercise, etc.

She’s already well-versed in the biology of what’s happening, and her dad and I model good behavior around eating, exercise, and tending to our emotional health, so we’re on the right path, DEAR RAISING: “Broaden[ing] the discussion from ‘looks’ to feeling good and healthy” is good stuff, but it will quickly not be good if you respond to her complaints automatically with, “What matters is that you’re healthy,” or etc, Doing that will have the unintended effect of negating her, and best dance shoes sale also sending her the message that bodies and feelings about bodies are not to be discussed except within the narrow confines of the parental talking points..

This subject can be nightmarish to navigate, legitimately so, in part because the cultural messages have been so consistently unhealthy, but also in part because simply the level of awareness is problematic — meaning, it’s not just a matter of what a person eats or doesn’t eat or how one does or doesn’t exercise, but also a matter of how much one thinks about eating and exercising. So, not talking about it is a legitimate path to consider, and that, honestly, sometimes makes me want to throw my hands up and just say to my kids, “Just play hard and you’re fine.” Which is kinda right, now that I think of it.

I’m not best dance shoes sale suggesting this is what you have done, just spelling it out as a common trap, Anyway, your modeling good behavior and emotional housekeeping is huge, and so I suggest, where possible, you get moving, Hike, bike, paddle, swim, dance, ski, skate, etc., as a family, It’s easier to feel good about a body that’s doing good things for you, And respond to your daughter’s complaints by saying her frustrations with her changing body are normal, Everybody goes through it, And do a lot of listening before you respond, because she may still find it useful to hear that feeling good takes precedence over looks, but the way you say it needs to be tailored to what she’s asking of you, versus coming off as boilerplate mompreach, Being heard can do more for a kid’s mental, and therefore physical, health than a kale and quinoa surprise..

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