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Color your world. Color is the biggest mood influencer, and easy to change. If you want to transform a space from we to me, or me to we, the fastest, cheapest way is with paint. Look for good connections. If a piece of furniture or art reminds you of a negative time in your past, ditch it. Surround yourself with items that reinforce positive feelings. Find your must-haves. Whether suddenly single or newly hitched, look around you for the five or so non-negotiable items that ground you, items that tether you so you’re not adrift. Give those a place in your remodeled space and build on them.

Add what you’ve been living without. We all give up a little piece of ourselves when we live with someone else, But when life leaves you single, or the kids have moved out, it’s now about you, Blare the music in the morning, Paint the walls pink, Turn the kid’s room into a gym, Find your personal brand. We all get so fixated on who we’re supposed to be in the eyes of our families, parents, bosses and society, that we often lose sight of bloch ballet shoes sizing who we would be without all that, West said, Regardless of how many people are in your home, try to honor your unique self in some way, Ask: Who am I without all the trappings and expectations? Now express it..

“Descendants,” a 2015 TV musical about the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains, was a smash hit — seen by more than 100 million viewers across the globe. So what to do for an encore? Go even bigger and badder. “We raised the bar and managed to top ourselves. Our cast definitely met the challenge,” says Redwood City native Kenny Ortega, who directed and choreographed both the original Disney Channel film and the sequel, “Descendants 2,” which debuts on Friday.

The roll-out strategy is certainly more ambitious, “Descendants 2” won’t  debut only at 8 p.m, on the Disney Channel; it will get a simultaneous airing on five other networks in the Disney bloch ballet shoes sizing stable — ABC, Freeform, Disney XD, Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network, Fans won’t be able to miss it, Related ArticlesTV tonight: HBO’s take on Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos scandalTV tonight: ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ big wedding bashTV tonight: Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos scandal on ’20/20′TV tonight: On ‘The Bachelor,’ how does it end for crushed Colton?TV tonight: ‘Station 19’ and ‘A.P, Bio’ return“We’re really waving our freak flag this time,” cast member Dove Cameron told TV Guide, “… Everything is amplified by 10: the music, the dancing, the sets, the costumes.”..

Cameron reprises her role as Mal, the 17-year-old daughter of “Sleeping Beauty”‘s Maleficent. Also returning are Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson and Booboo Stewart as Evie, Carlos and Jay, respectively. They are joined by a group of new villains, including the menacing Uma, daughter of the sea witch Ursula, played by China Anne McClain. “She’s absolutely stunning,” Ortega says of McClain. “She’s got a great voice, and fans are going to love watching her take charge and rock the stage.”.

The story picks up where “Descendants” left off with the familiar Villain Kids (VKs) adjusting to their new lives of goodness in the idyllic kingdom of Auradon, But Mal, who has fallen in love with King Ben (Mitchell Hope), is finding the pressure to be royally perfect just too much to bear, So she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost, where Uma, her arch-rival, has taken over as the self-proclaimed queen of the run-down town, Uma is backed by a bloch ballet shoes sizing pirate gang that includes Captain Hook’s son, Harry (Thomas Doherty), and Gaston’s kid, Gil (Dylan Playfair)..

Ortega, who also served as director/choreographer for Disney’s blockbuster “High School Musical” franchise, believes viewers are drawn to the “Descendants” saga by a “sense of wonderment and curiosity.”. He adds, “Of course, the music and dancing is a big sell, along with the mystery and magic of the island. But a lot of it all comes down to casting. We’ve got some really great, talented kids, and the audience senses the enthusiasm and energy they bring to their roles.”.

But it’s not always easy, Ortega, who earlier this month returned to Redwood City to serve as grand marshal of the local Fourth of July parade, points out that “Descendants 2” was filmed on a tight budget over only 31 days in and around Vancouver, If that wasn’t challenging enough, one of the big song-and-dance numbers was shot on a day when a typhoon hit the area, “The wind was screaming, Half our set blew away, and some panic definitely set in,” Ortega recalls, “But we just told ourselves that we’re bloch ballet shoes sizing island ruffians, and we can deal with anything.”..

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