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“My hope is that we will continue to have these events that will help people see we have a lot in common,” she said. “All these instruments, they’re just things and they all need breath to be played.”. The program was presented as part of a new initiative by Sangam Arts called Mosaic. For Srinivasan, whose background is in engineering, product management and consulting, this is a foray into a creative space, one in which she has found purpose in sharing not only her own heritage with the wider community, but encouraging others to do the same. She said she had this realization following a dance recital she participated in with her daughter about five years ago.

“That is when I realized just as I was profoundly proud of my heritage, there are so many others that make up our community here that are equally proud of their own culture, but we all consume it through our own silo,” Srinivasan said, “I started thinking there is a lot of diversity, (but) we don’t show interest in art forms in other communities, and we also miss the common ties that bind us.”, Srinivasan moved to Saratoga with her family last February, Her daughters are enrolled in Saratoga schools, and she has been busy meeting her neighbors and becoming entrenched in her new community, While she has found the city to be unique, she said boy ballet shoes she also noticed the “siloing” is in progress, It was out of that observation that Mosaic was born..

“It really got me thinking, what does this mean? How do you use art to bring about some creative change, some meaningful change? You have a lot of art that is tied with entertainment, but the purpose of art is to elevate us and help us discover our common humanity.”. Srinivasan’s wider vision for Mosaic is that it will become a platform for communities throughout the country to take part in multicultural collaborations. Through Mosaic, she is hoping to replace the assimilation model that once worked for previous generations with a new model that allows people to retain their unique cultural identity.

“For us, I feel we need a different model, There is no ‘American identity’ to assume,” she said, “We need to redefine what it means to be American, As long as we subscribe to the American values of freedom and equality and justice, all the superficial differences should be celebrated.”, On March 31, the Silicon Valley arm of Mosaic will hold a folk festival at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, featuring Bulgarian, Hula and Mexican dances, among many others, For more information about Sangam boy ballet shoes Arts and Mosaic, visit

By Danielle Paquette | Washington Post. The Humane Society of the United States faces growing pressure from major donors to cut ties with chief executive Wayne Pacelle after an investigation found three complaints of sexual harassment against him. A number of donors said they would stop funding the Humane Society while others said they would await the results of a board meeting on Thursday that was called to discuss the inquiry into sexual harassment complaints against Pacelle. Some donors expressed dismay at the Humane Society’s decision to leave Pacelle in charge of the organization during the investigation.

“With Mr, Pacelle still at the helm of the organization as the investigation continues, other employees who may have been aggrieved are going to be much less likely to come forward as it would almost certainly appear to them that the alleged perpetrator will still be their boss, and that the Board of Directors is not taking the allegations seriously,” Jim Greenbaum, boy ballet shoes founder of the Greenbaum Foundation, which gave $100,000 to the Humane Society last year, wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday..

“Given the present manner in which the HSUS Board is handling this matter, it is very unlikely that I will continue to fund HSUS.”. The Humane Society, one of the country’s biggest animal charities, did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday. Nicole Brodeur, a Portland, Oregon, investor who with her husband donated $100,000 to the Humane Society’s “Meatless Monday” campaign, said she first heard allegations of sexual misconduct against Pacelle from staff members in October, and decided to stop funding the charity then.

“I spoke with somebody there who had seen incidents of sexual harassment,” she said, “I followed up with contacts I had and was horrified, It hadn’t occurred to me or my husband to be thinking about workplace culture in our philanthropy decisions.”, She added: “It might be time for someone else at the helm.”, An investigation by a law firm hired by the Humane boy ballet shoes Society last month identified three women who complained of sexual harassment by Pacelle, The results of the inquiry were first reported by The Washington Post on Monday..

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