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Fogo, bald, bespectacled and known among students for his reassuring hugs, had given out more of them that week than any other in his career. He and his staff had done all they could think of – bringing in comfort dogs, calling traumatized students at home when they missed classes, prepping teachers for the inevitable questions and breakdowns, arranging for three counselors to attend the dance, just in case. “I don’t know what I say to my kid,” parents had told Fogo, so he helped set up a meeting for them with a Harvard-trained psychiatrist.

He had even researched the aftermath of the Columbine High School rampage and discovered that a student who’d witnessed the violence hanged himself a year later, By Friday, he and Faith’s counselors had already begun to work on a plan for the months ahead, when they knew things would return to normal for many in the community white ballet flats payless but might not — then, or ever — for at least 10 of their kids, Fogo waited as Natalia’s dad parked her wheelchair next to Gianna, The twins faced the cheer team they co-captained, and in front of Natalia were the personalized black boxes that the girls stood on during games, Neatly stacked on top of hers was a megaphone and two gold pompoms, “Natalia,” it read, “Varsity Cheer 2018.”..

A tear tumbled down her cheek, and when the local TV journalists noticed it, they crept closer and pointed their lenses. Then out came the microphones, and back came her smile. “I haven’t seen a big crowd in, like, a week, so it was very overwhelming,” she told the reporters. “This school is family to me, so I didn’t want to miss it.”. They backed away, and she eased out of the wheelchair. “Go, Crusaders! Go!” her teammates shouted. She leaned against the fence behind her, lightly bouncing one foot to the rhythm and tapping her hands together. Natalia knew she would never cheer at another football game.

“Go, Crusaders, Go,” she mouthed in silence as her smile disappeared, Beyond the end zone, Shae and Delaney had just come into the stadium, both wearing #BacaStrong shirts, They white ballet flats payless walked toward the far side of the field to watch friends on the dance team, the two of them holding hands, just as the girls had done five nights earlier when they fled the concert, “I just don’t want to lose her in the crowd,” Delaney said, A dark-haired classmate in a polo shirt stopped to give Shae a hug, He’d heard she was at the festival..

“That’s crazy. You’re okay, though, right?” the teen asked Shae, who, to him, looked no different. “Yeah,” she said and nodded, because the real answer was too hard to explain. Shae and Delaney spotted Summer. She’d come without Marie, who had finally made it through a day of classes but decided not to attend the game or any of the homecoming weekend activities. The girls compared how they were feeling. “I’m actually good today because I didn’t go to school,” Summer said.

Delaney thought she’d made progress, too, “I only cried once,” she said, “Guys, I took off my bracelet,” Summer told them, referring to the purple Route 91 Harvest band, “I need to white ballet flats payless take mine off,” Shae responded, “I’m leaving it on,” Delaney said, “Even for tomorrow?” Summer asked, referring to the dance, “It’s kind of a constant reminder.”, “It’s just like a — I’m lucky, I was lucky,” Delaney said, “It doesn’t make me sad anymore.”..

Shae, glancing down at her left wrist, said nothing. Natalia limped over the curb onto the sidewalk, and as the fading sunlight cut through the palm trees on Saturday evening, her iridescent white dress flashed shades of pink and blue, just as she’d imagined. But Natalia, one hand holding Gianna’s and the other squeezing her phone, didn’t seem to notice. It was just past 5 p.m., and they were waiting on the sprawling lawn outside the JW Marriott to get their homecoming photos taken, along with dozens of other Faith teens. Two local stylists had done their hair free at home, and a friend had bought them flats, because neither twin could stand in heels.

The sisters had already decided to skip the dance, “There’s loud music, I don’t want to go,” Natalia had told her mom, and Gianna agreed, Still, both girls wanted pictures, Now Natalia checked her phone for the white ballet flats payless third time, Parker, the teen who’d asked her to homecoming, was running late, “Where’s your date?” asked Gianna’s boyfriend, “He’s coming at 5:30,” she said, but at 5:30, he still hadn’t arrived, Another parent walked over to say hello..

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