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And that’s what makes “Outlander” so different than other shows on TV, according to Heughan. “It’s constantly moving, it’s constantly changing,” he said. “Keep writing, Diana.”. — Of the bloody skirmish of Culloden, Heughan says it’s a “great start the season” and that Jaime “suffers tremendously.” Menzies, who also plays Jaime’s rival, Black Jack Randall, teased a “strange” fight/dance/embrace with Jamie.” On the death of Randall, it’s “a fitting end to his quasi love affair.”.

Ever since he was a kid, Luc Besson dreamed of directing a movie version of “Valerian and Laureline,” a French comic-book series featuring a pair of sexy, futuristic capezio contempora pointe shoes review crime fighters. Finally the director of  “The Professional,” “The Fifth Element” “La Femme Nikita” and “Lucy” has gotten his wish with “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” (now playing), The sci-fi adventure — said to cost more than $200 million — is set in the 28th century and filled with dizzying special effects, bizarre alien creatures and colorful worlds, When I mention to the French director that this looks like the most complicated film he’s ever done, Besson starts laughing..

He says the people at Industrial Light & Magic — one of the two special-effects houses he used for “Valerian” (the other was Weta Digital) — planted seven little in-jokes for him to find. “So far, I’ve found four, so I still have more to discover in my own film.”. “Valerian” stars Dane DeHaan (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″) in the title role, and English actress-model Cara Delevingne as Laureline, special operatives sent to derail a plot to destroy Alpha, the so-called City of a Thousand Planets where many species peacefully coexist.

Besson says he “knew after one minute” of meeting with DeHaan that he wanted this 31-year-old actor for the role. “I didn’t want a big superhero like an Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he says, “We’ve had enough of those, What I wanted was someone very human.”, DeHaan was better known entity than his co-star, Delevingne, who turns 25 next month, She first made her mark as a fashion model in her teens, though she has acted in the movies “Paper Towns” and “Suicide Squad.” capezio contempora pointe shoes review Besson says, “Cara is a born actress, I think I know one when I’ve met one, Cara … can play anything.”..

The director, 58, cast Natalie Portman in her first feature, “The Professional.” His hallmark is tough, empowered leading ladies, and Delevingne’s Laureline fits the bill. “Laureline is the real boss in the relationship with Valerian,” says the filmmaker. “It’s exactly what I see in society today — men are overpaid, and women are ruling the house.”. When talking with the stars a bit later, Delevingne says, “He’s like the spark, and she’s like the oxygen.” DeHaan says, “Valerian doesn’t realize how much he owes to her.”.

In capezio contempora pointe shoes review person these actors project the same easygoing manner we see on screen, During casting, Besson was eager to get them together to observe their chemistry, but they happened to meet at the 2015 Met Gala, for the art museum in New York City, At the event that year, Rihanna entertained the crowd, In “Valerian,” the pop diva plays a shape-shifting alien who does a twisty pole dance in a red-light district, The cast also features Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke, John Goodman, Rutger Hauer and jazz legend Herbie Hancock as Valerian and Laureline’s boss..

Besson says, “I think because Dane came from the theater and really knew his craft, Cara saw right away he would be a good mentor, and because Cara is like a kangaroo, bouncing all the time, Dane was attracted to her energy. He became more playful.”. DeHaan says it was “special to be in a movie that Luc wanted to make his entire life. It was his dream-come-true …, and I think you see that in this film.” Delevingne says, “Luc made it enjoyable every day because he was having the best time in the world. He’s like a kid all the time.”.

At 5 feet, 8 inches, the actress may remind people who have seen the movie of one of the capezio contempora pointe shoes review inhabitants of the Pearls’ planet in “Valerian” — long-limbed aliens who move with the elegance of models, and for good reason, For the film, he put four models who had trained for six months for the roles, in motion-capture suits, The planet itself is eye-candy with its iridescent blues and multi-hued clouds, The film’s look is a bright contrast to many of today’s dystopian films, ” ‘The Fifth Element’ was also very bright,” says Besson, referring to his wacky sci-fi film from 20 years ago, which starred Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, “In most of these films, we are always running, it’s always night, the aliens are always the bad guy, the superhero is always worrying if he should interfere, As a moviegoer, I want to see something else..

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