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Another possible sexual assault was reported last year during the first weekend of Coachella. A woman told police she believed she had been raped in a band’s trailer, according to a detective’s affidavit seeking a warrant to obtain DNA. However, before the warrant was returned, investigators determined that “no criminal act occurred,” said Indio police Sgt. Dan Marshall. A relative of the woman told Southern California News Group that the family was satisfied with the Police Department’s investigation.

At Stagecoach, sexual assaults were reported in 2008 and each year from 2011 to 2015, Indio police declined to provide details about the 2014 and clearance dance shoes 2015 incidents because the investigations remain active, In the 2013 case, the only information available was that a woman was sexually assaulted but could not provide a description of the suspect, In the 2012 incident, a female was exiting a restroom when three people forced her back into the restroom, police said, Two people “held her down and covered her mouth” while the third sodomized her, When the attack ended, the woman ran out and called her friends and a security guard, She was taken to a hospital..

In the 2011 assault, the victim was walking home when a man pushed her into a fence raped her. The victim struck the assailant and he fled. The victim got home, showered, changed clothes and contacted her family, then reported the crime and was hospitalized. The man who sexually assaulted the two women at Stagecoach 2008 – Eric David Phillips, now 27 and living in Ohio, according to a sex offender registry – pleaded guilty in 2010 to raping an unconscious victim, sexual penetration of an unconscious victim and two counts of burglary. A judge gave him one year in jail and five years’ probation – a sentence that the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office objected to, spokesman John Hall said.

How other festivals compare, The clearance dance shoes Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco, which draws a crowd slightly smaller than Coachella’s, had five reports of sexual assault between 2012 and 2016, San Francisco Police Department Officer Robert Rueca said via email, Two of those reports – made in 2012 and 2013 – have resulted in arrests, At the Beyond Wonderland electronic dance music festival, held annually at the 65,000-capacity San Manuel Amphitheater near San Bernardino, no sexual assaults were reported in 2016, 2015 or 2012, said San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Cindy Bachman..

Sexual assaults and harassment at music festivals reached international attention last year when it surfaced that 38 reports of sexual assault were made at the 2014 and 2015 “We are Sthlm” festivals in Sweden. The assaults sparked a wave of anti-groping campaigns as well as news articles and op-eds. In the U.S., though, the issue has not been met with the same fervor. Dave Brooks, founder of the online entertainment magazine Amplify and a contributing writer for Billboard, said sexual assault has not been a topic of discussion among American music festival organizers, that he is aware of.

In California, groping would more likely be charged as sexual battery – which is sexual touching without consent – rather than sexual assault, Reporting ‘takes a lot of strength’, Incidents of sexual assault, battery and harassment often go unreported, experts say, Larry McAdera, executive director of the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center, said many victims don’t believe they were actually victimized because they were drinking, McAdera rallies against that notion, “When sexual assault occurs, at a music festival or any other place, sometimes the victim doesn’t know that they’ve been victimized, or doesn’t know they’ve been assaulted,” McAdera said, “A huge percentage of people we deal with feel it was their fault, Consequently, when you are in an environment like that with a lot of freedom, clearance dance shoes a lot of people and a lot of things going on, occasions could arise where people don’t understand they were assaulted.”..

McAdera said many victims the center deals with don’t report the crime because they want to move forward with their lives. Crisis center workers urge victims to tell law enforcement if they haven’t already, but don’t require it. “It takes a lot of strength on the survivor to come forward and be able to explain this over and over again to all of the entities,” McAdera said. Police investigations challenging. Marshall said the Indio Police Department takes sexual assault very seriously. A team of detectives who focus on major incidents – Marshall called them “the major crime squad” – respond when a sexual assault is reported.

“We prepare ourselves for every situation that could present itself during the concert series,” Marshall said, “, We want to provide the safest venue we can for the guests in our city.”, Before an investigation begins, police officers’ first priority is to make sure the victims are safe and have access to proper medical attention, Marshall said, Identifying a suspect can be clearance dance shoes challenging because there are so many people at the festivals, many of whom traveled from other places, and because many sexual assaults are reported after the festival has ended..

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