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Flip through the calendar of festivals for which Reese and his company Synergy Global Entertainment are producing this year and you find Sabroso Craft Beer, Music & Tacos with the Offspring, Sum 41 and Rival Sons among the bands on the bill. You get the Danzig-curated Blackest of the Black, with its metal bands, bondage shows, circus freaks and camping. Later in the year, he’ll be working on the second year of Ohana, the laid-back gathering at Doheny State Beach that’s curated by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Driftwood, the country fest launched last year at Doheny, is set to return later this for a second go-round.

“I curate quite a number of festivals for big artists,” Reese says, “Working on Ohana it’s specific to what Eddie Vedder is really into and that’s the beach and surfing, “There’s already a Coachella,” he says, “You can’t be all things to how to store pointe shoes all people, Rock In Rio tried to do that in Vegas and we all know how not successful that was, Massive artist (payment) guarantees make it a risky proposition, but when you come up with a great idea that fits a specific audience?”, That can still work, Reese says, answering his own question, and leave plenty of room for festivals of all types going forward..

“I think Coachella is the ace of spades and everybody else is the kings and queens and jacks,” he says. So what’s our music fan Paul Bahou going to do with all these festivals on offer this year? He has a plan, of course. “We’re going to When We Were Young fest — really excited to see the Descendents there,” he says. “Going to Coachella. And then in June, we’re going to the Idiot Fest up in Northern California — TV on the Radio is one of my favorite bands and they’re playing there. And we’re going to FYF — really excited to for Iggy Pop, he’s at the top of my bucket list now that I saw the Rolling Stones at Desert Trip last year.”.

His answer neatly sums up the state of the festival scene around here, Two brand-new events — Idiot Fest is the brainchild of TV personality Chris Hardwick and is designed to blend music, comedy and Comic-Con-style art, The always-solid FYF Fest which this year features an eclectic mix that includes Missy Elliot, Bjork, Frank Ocean and Nine Inch Nails.And, of course, Coachella, the first, the always and forever, how to store pointe shoes “I’ve always gone to a lot of shows,” Bahou says, “And the festival format has definitely spread, It gets people out of their house — go support your favorite artists!”..

In the early-morning hours of May 4, 2008, a woman asleep in her tent at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio woke to find a man raping her. She yelled at the man to get out of the tent, which he did. Another woman in a different tent woke up during the commotion and realized she had also been sexually assaulted. Minutes after the assaults were reported to law enforcement, the suspect was arrested. That was first of seven times that sexual assaults were reported and verified at the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival and the Stagecoach Country Music Festival, which draw tens of thousands of music fans to the Empire Polo Club in Indio every spring.

That was also the only of the seven investigations that resulted in an arrest, Details of all sexual assaults reported in the history of the festivals – one at Coachella since it started in 1999, six at Stagecoach since it started in 2007 – were obtained by the Southern California News Group through a California Public Records Act Request, Experts note that a majority of sexual how to store pointe shoes assaults in the U.S, – two out of every three, by some estimates – are believed to go unreported to police, Local police and the head of a rape crisis center say alcohol consumption contributes to most sexual assault reports they come across, They urged festivalgoers to be mindful of how much alcohol they are consuming and to remain vigilant of their surroundings, However, they also stress that the attacker, never the victim, is always to blame..

Billboard magazine has referred to Coachella as the world’s biggest music festival. Up to 198,000 people have attended in recent years when combining the crowds on each of the two back-to-back weekends it is held. Stagecoach, held the third weekend, has drawn up to 75,000 fans. People of all ages attend, but – especially for Coachella – the target demographic is young adults, many of whom are as interested in the experience as the music. The festivals draw people from all over the nation and world. While some non-local fans fill up surrounding hotels and rental homes, on-site camping is popular as well, and Stagecoach features a massive RV camp.

Hundreds of arrests are made each year at the festivals, and almost all are related to alcohol or drugs, Reports of how to store pointe shoes violent crime, including sexual assault, are relatively rare, What happened at Coachella, Stagecoach, The one verified report of sexual assault at Coachella was in 2015, during the festival’s second weekend, A woman told police that she believed she was having sex with her boyfriend in her tent, but later realized that someone else had raped her, documents show, She reported the incident five days laterto her local police department..

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