Ceramized Lava Stone Collections

Calietra, through the use of eco – compatible ceramic substances and glass, has started off a new process of ceramization. The ceramic and glassy substances, inside a special stove designed ad hoc, fuse themselves “over” and ‘with’ the surface, improving the technical-aesthetical characteristics: “eternal, unique, natural”.

“Ceramized” is also the name used by Calietra to assemble the five collections – “Base“, “Relief“, “Tone on Tone“, “Dèja Vù“ and “Lapilli“ – that rise from different variations of the process of ceramization, possible only over the Etna lava stone.

The first surface obtained through this type of ceramization is the “Base”. Over this surface rise the other collections that inspire themselves to the middle-eastern decorations and to the typical patterns of the sicilian tradition, read again in a contemporaneous key and drawn completely freehand, digitized and shifted over the lava stone.

To “Relief” are dedicated six motifs in three colors, the white, the black and the gold, on relief over the lava stone. Thin like light wires, they stimulate not only the sight but also the touch, giving a pleasant sensation. It is suitable both for coating and for flooring: in fact, the decoration doesn’t suffer any signs of wear or abrasion because it is all one with lava surface.
“Tone on Tone” and “Deja Vù” are the two collections of colored decoration, together with the collection of only color “Lapilli” from which they take the shades.

“Tone on Tone” presents six colors, combined “two by two”: the base of the manufactured belongs to the same chromatic family with which the motif is “painted”.

“Deja Vù” is the collection that inspires itself more than the others to the Sicilian and Arabic decorative and chromatic tradition, always with simplicity, in six colors and six motif over a white base.

The colors of both collections are taken from “Lapilli” collection made of seventeen colors.

In all the three collections the surface of lava stone tends to disappear, almost “submerged” by the color and by a thin layer of glass that increases the refraction of light. Enamel and glass fuse themselves with the lava stone surface that – in a “unique” way, because only with lava stone it is possible to obtain this result – manages to emerge as “magma from the earth” in the form of very small cracks trapped between the glass and the color, increasing the brightness of each manufactured. Calietra always offers the opportunity, to whom that had the desire or the need, of customizing the color and the motif, as well as the sizes. Making in this way the product even more “unique”.


Nature Lava Stone Finishes

The Etna lava stone is extracted from quarries formed by the stratification of the flows over the centuries and only the lava that was deposited before 1700 can be pulled out. Just because it came from stratification, the Etna lava stone has also veins that go to score the surface, in a way more or less intense.

For this reason Calietra chose to extract from many quarries,to offer a big variety of slabs whose structure can occupa with or without veins. The slab’s sizes go from 70/140 to 240/300 cm with a thickness of 2/3 cm.

“Raw” is one of the natural lava stone’s collection, commercialized in slabs with the possible presence of veins, in eight mechanics finishes.

“Compact” instead is the collection dedicated only to the lava stone of compact and uniform strucure.

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