The name Calietra is the synthesis of the words “kaleidoscope and stone”, the Etna lava stone (…like a precious stone, it comes from distant lands full of history. Pulled out from the ground and worked by expert hands it takes a special and unique shape giving you thousands of emotions at sight…)

    The company

    Calietra was born in 2013. It is the result of a project begun two years ago and involving a professional team in a long research on processing technics of Etna lava stone. This phase brought to an improvement of technical and aesthetic qualities of lava stone in order to propose to the world a “unique” product of its kind. A Team with specific ten-year long esperiences in this sector and with different but complementary abilities, closed and motivated by the common passion for Sicily, its Volcan, its Tradition, as well as for research, innovation and design. A Team that allowed Calietra to turn the artisan experience into industrial capacity.


    Calietra philosophy is founded on four principles: research and innovation, respect of the environment and traditions. These principles inspire the work of the company whose aim is to carry out a product of a high technical and aesthetic value. With Calietra “the tradition looks ahead into the future”.

    The product and its characteristics

    Calietra produces exclusively Etna lava stone. It selects the best quarries of lava stone and it makes use of the experience of the most important companies of processing and ceramization working between Sicily and the Emilia Romagna district of ceramic. Calietra offers the Etna lava stone both in the “raw” version, available in eight different mechanical finishes, and in the “ceramized” version, obtained through the use of special stoves that bring its surface to a magmatic state that melts itself with glass and enamels, a process that gives to the stone high technical-aesthetic qualities and that allows a high customization of the product. From indoor to outdoor use, Calietra promotes the Made in Italy and its Land -Sicily and Etna- worldwide. Differently from other basalts, Etna lava stone is suitable for firing and ceramization that improves its technical features. Its surface treated in this way is resistant to acids, frost, spots, breaking loads and It is also water and oil-repellent. It is resistant to heat being itself at the same time a good conductor , because the lava stone absorbs heat quickly and releases it slowly, resulting perfect for flooring’s heating system. These are all good reasons to choose it among many other natural stones.


    “To take Etna out of Sicily and to make it known by the World”… …through the best selection of its Lava Stone, “unique” raw material, through our “unique” capacity of processing and “expressing it”, combining tradition, nature, technology, innovation and design.

    The challenge

    To innovate continuously together the research of the new, to the enhancing of beauty and audacity, respecting at the same time tradition and naturalness.
    To grow in a profitable way, bringing results in terms of approval and diffusion of the brand internationally.

    The reference market

    Calietra turns is interests to a high segment of market: architects, designers, contractors and building contractors operating both in public and private big works, distributors of stone and stone products, and also shops of ceramic products.

    The offer

    Quality, eco-friendly and innovation are the core of the current market demand. Calietra is ready to satisfy each of these exigencies, offering besides the possibility of customizing the material. Calietra offers two types of product:

    One “TRADITIONAL” which is divided into two kinds:
    -“Nature”, In the series Raw and Compact (Compact is a type of raw stone without textures and/or streaks), available in eight different mechanics finishes. Both suitable for coating and flooring, and for indoor and outdoor use.
    -“Ceramized”, ceramized lava stone presented in five series: “Base, Lapilli, Relief, Déja Vù and Tone on Tone”. Different colors and motifs (decorations), suitable for covering and flooring, and for indoor and outdoor use.

    One “INNOVATIVE” which, based on research and experiments carried out for years, together leading research institutions:
    – it adds to Etna lava stone more characteristics, such as anti-pollution and anti-bacterial capacity, through the application of nanotechnology;
    – it gives a new appearance to the stone, with decorations made by a special engraving tecnique through light beams.