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It’s hard to walk by and see people out there having a boisterously good time and not feel the tug of a stein filled with ice-cold lager. It seems even more festive whenever a group from the popular San Jose Brew Bike tour is stopping by. You can also sit inside, where there are more tables and a bar that seats five. The crowd when I’ve stopped by has been on the more mature end of the spectrum — which isn’t to say old, but you won’t see a lot of post-college kids partying here. It’s more neighborhood types, families and downtown worker bees — similar to the customers at Teske’s and nearby Trials Pub.

If you like German style beers — and there’s diamant dance shoes a wide range under that heading — Ludwig’s can be a treat, The bar carries eight beers on draft, and they’re all generally crisp and full-flavored, whether you’re talking about a lighter kolsch or pilsner or a something a little darker like the Andechs Dunkel, (In summer, you’ll get a lot of the lighter beers and wheat beers; in winter, Ludwig’s tends to put on more dark beers), Beers are served in one of three sizes: A half-liter (which, my fellow Americans, translates to 16.9 ounces) and which most people would consider a “glass” for $7-$9; then you move up to a full liter ($13-$17 for about 34 ounces), served in a glass stein that’s most comfortably hoisted with two hands; finally, you can get your beer in a 2-liter boot..

That’s right, imagine a 2-liter bottle of soda, except made of glass, shaped like a boot and filled with beer. Now, that’s what we call Deutsch. By the way, the boot, which costs from $26 to $34 depending on the beer, should be reserved for beers you love or plan to drink quickly. There’s nothing worse than spending $30 on a boot of beer you don’t really like that’s getting warmer by the minute. You can also get an Alsterwasser ($6), the German version of a shandy, which mixes Flensburger Pils and Sprite, or a Diesel ($6), which is a purely German creation of Flensburger Pils and cola. Should we have tried that? Maybe, but we instead played it safe and went with the Ludwig’s House Hugo ($11), a prosecco cocktail that’s close to a mojito in flavor. There are also wines — the whites are mostly from Germany and Austria, while the list of reds leans toward California labels — available by the glass ($9-$13) and bottle ($29-$49).

There are some great small plates to go with a beer excursion, including a plate of fried cheese croquettes served with lingonberry dip ($7, but splurge an extra $2 and have them bacon-wrapped) and a plate of Jäger Pommes ($9), fries baked with gruyère cheese and topped with a mushroom sauce, And you can’t go wrong with getting a pretzel with mustard ($4) or a warm pretzel served with a brie spread ($7), There are bigger plates for heartier appetites, diamant dance shoes too, and during happy hour (Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m.) you can get a sausage plate for $10 and the regular pretzel for just $2..

Ludwig’s also has an Oktoberfest celebration coming Sept. 16 and Sept. 23, featuring a day of food, beer and music (in the dance hall only). Tickets are $28 each and can be purchased at www.ludwigssj.com. If you’re wondering where Ludwig’s has been all your life, here’s a little background on the building: A Victorian originally built in the late 19th century, it’s been owned and home to the Germania Verein social club since 1923 and hosted a popular German restaurant and dance hall for some time until a fire in the 1990s. After that, attempts to reactivate the spot as a bar/restaurant found little success, in part because residents in the condos that had gone up in the neighborhood after the fire didn’t want anything too loud next door.

This story has been updated to reflect new information released by the Oakland Police Department on Thursday evening, OAKLAND — “I will be talking to the city, and we’ll be dealing with this place.”, That is the grim threat made by Oakland police Officer Hector Chavez in March 2015 as he stood in the open doorway of the Ghost Ship warehouse, talking diamant dance shoes to a party promoter and looking over the inside of the cluttered firetrap for 20 minutes, Chavez was responding to a call about excessive noise and drugs being sold, and he determined that the “illegal rave” at the unsanctioned artist collective had no permits, according to body cam footage obtained exclusively Wednesday by the Bay Area News Group..

Related ArticlesGhost Ship fire attorneys challenge manslaughter charges in courtBody-cam footage shows Ghost Ship operator lying to policeOakland warehouse fire: Cop responded to reported rave, told of illegal housing in 2015But there is no record of him following through. Spokespersons for the police department and city administration said Wednesday that they could not find a record of Chavez sending a report to City Hall. He issued no violation that night, saying that if he had to return to the art collective he would issue a large fine.

Almost two diamant dance shoes years later, 36 people attended a similar dance party at the warehouse and never got out, dying in an inferno, trapped inside, Chavez did not return an email requesting comment, In a statement late Thursday, the Oakland Police Department said Chavez filed report about the incident that was entered into the department’s records database and routed to the Vice Unit, The report was then forwarded to the department’s Alcohol Beverage Action Team, where it remains pending in the system..

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