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There are even more outstanding performances here. Was there ever a ‘gay-er’ couple than the roguishly handsome, utterly arrogant director Roger De Bris (charmingly played here by suave Eric Johnson) and his equally swishy, devilishly delicious sidekick Carmen Ghia (an outlandishly wonderful Alex Rodriguez), who calls himself Roger’s “common-law assistant.”  Rodriguez steals every scene he’s in. Then there’s that other scene stealer, David Schiller, who plays the Hitler-loving, pigeon-feeding Franz Liebkind with a straight face and soldier-like precision. It’s impossible to keep a straight face as he sings “In Old Bavaria” and, with Max and Leo, “Der Guten Tag Hop Clop.”.

Leandra Watson’s how long do pointe shoes last for beginners gorgeous costumes are everywhere (based on the original designs of William Ivey Long) from the pert usherette outfits worn by Amanda Farbstein and Chelsea Holifield to open the show to the Ziegfeld Follies costumes with headdresses of sausages, pretzels and beer steins, and of course, Ulla’s clingy dresses, There’s a reason why “The Producers” won 12 Tony Awards (a Broadway record) in 2001, His name is Brooks, who earlier created the zany, ribald “Blazing Saddles” and the equally entertaining “Young Frankenstein.” In his long career (he’ll turn 91 in June) he’s been at the top of his game as an actor, comedian, filmmaker, composer, songwriter and, of course, playwright..

He spits out throw-away lines like watermelon seeds:  “I’m wearing a cardboard belt.” “I think I look like the Chrysler Building.”  “You’ve confused me for someone who has a spine.”  “There is more to me … than me.”. Even his song lyrics are amazing: “Hail to me … I’m the Kraut that’s about to change the route of history,” and “I’m a German Ethel Merman,” at the very moment tendrils of confetti float down from above onto the first four rows of the audience.

A personal favorite is the melancholy song from Max and Leo after “Springtime for Hitler” becomes a huge success, Sings Max, “We knew we wouldn’t lose — half the audience were Jews!” (“Where did we go right?”), Brilliant, yes?, Everything works out in the end despite Max’s gloomy jailhouse solo “Betrayed” (which Klinger nails).  Leo and Ulla return from Rio — married — and he turns himself and the ill-gotten moola over to the police.  But what better place to resurrect a career than in jail, where the boys create “Prisoners how long do pointe shoes last for beginners of Love” that becomes a big Broadway hit when they get out, Others follow: “Death of a Salesman on Ice,” “High Button Jews” and many more..

Nary a shovel has gone into the ground, and the world is already and completely obsessed with . . . The Wall. Playwrights are penning scripts about it. Editorialists are holding their breath in anger until they turn blue over it. Little kids in Middle America are whining about how President Trump’s expensive wall will consume the dollars that support Elmo, Big Bird and even Cookie Monster.Related ArticlesU.S.-Mexico border wall fight: California considers divesting from companies building itBerkeley slams door on Trump border wall contractorsMexico government says it won’t pay for Trump wall.

And politicians? Don’t even get them started about The Wall, Construction companies, fine, They can’t wait to get going, But until that happens, a whole Greek chorus of how long do pointe shoes last for beginners tough-talkin’ ranchers, Mexican satirists, East Coast elitists and up-in-a-dither environmentalists are squawking in unison, Here are just a few of the extremely interested parties, The Obstructionist, There are many, especially in the political realm, who hate Trump’s plan to build a tall wall along the 1,989-mile-long border with Mexico as  way to keep out undesirables, Some are simply full of hot air; others could use their very real powers to mess with the president’s plans, Take his arch-nemesis on Capitol Hill, Democratic Sen, Chuck Schumer, who has articulated plans to stop the wall by refusing to pay for it, Press reports point out that passing a funding bill for the wall would require 60 votes — there are 52 GOP senators — and Schumer is reportedly confident that there is nothing Republicans can bundle with the proposal that his party won’t vote against..

The Litigator. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has promised to use specific environmental laws in the state to stop the border wall from being built, at least in southern California. And if he can’t completely stop construction, Newsom has suggested that he’ll tie it up so tight in bureaucratic red tape that the wall’s backers won’t be able to move.  “There’s something called CEQA in California—NEPA at the federal level,” Newsom recently told a podcast host. “There’s indigenous lands and autonomies relating to governance on those lands. There are all kinds of obstructions as it relates to just getting zoning approval and getting building permits. All those things could be made very, very challenging for the administration.”.

The Composer, What a difference one election cycle can mean: When composer Julien Bilodeau first accepted the risky mission to transform Pink Floyd’s The Wall from a rock-opera into a real opera two years ago, he how long do pointe shoes last for beginners had no idea how eerily relevant its theme would become. “Donald Trump was not quite on the horizon back then,” the Canadian composer said, “But, by last June, I was composing new music for the song ‘Waiting For The Worms.’ At the same time I was watching the Republican National Convention and the connection was surreal, I realized how important it was to talk about Walls.” The opera, which marks the 375th anniversary of Montreal, celebrates Roger Waters’ legendary work, The Wall, on the Montreal stage starting this month, Beginning as a concept album (1979) and then a film (1982), The Wall is a psychological drama inspired by Waters’ life and it became a sort of elegy to a generation’s fractured dreams..

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