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— Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times. Cast: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Emmanuelle Riva, (Unrated) 1:23. In this film about eccentrics running around the City of Lights, it’s only a matter of time until someone falls into the Seine. That someone turns out to be Canadian tourist Fiona (Fiona Gordon), who asks a runner to take her photo. As she smiles and jogs in place while he shoots, gravity does the rest. What stays with you isn’t just the precision of the acrobatics; it’s the sympathetic expression on the face of the runner, who dashes after her even as she’s swept downriver. Mishaps may be this movie’s raison d’être, but they are softened at every turn by the humanity of the city’s inhabitants.

Everything does turn out fine, and so does “Lost in Paris,” the fourth feature showcase for the Brussels-based husband-and-wife burlesque performers Gordon and Dominique Abel, Their latest is a brightly hued, cleverly orchestrated bit of nonsense that begins in a snowy Canadian hamlet where Fiona, a librarian, receives a letter from her aunt Martha (Emmanuelle Riva), who moved to Paris long ago, Now 88, Martha asks Fiona to come for a visit her to keep her from being packed freed pointe shoes off to a retirement home..

Within hours of her arrival, Fiona has taken that tumble into the Seine and lost her bag and her passport, which wind up in the hands of Dom (Abel), a homeless drifter. Dom and Fiona turn out to be improbable soul mates from the moment Dom whisks her out of her seat at a dance and twirls her around the floor. Though rife with pratfalls, near-misses, crazy coincidences and mistaken identities, “Lost in Paris” is a whirligig contraption that delivers a soothing dose of whimsy and a fond farewell to Riva, who died earlier this year.

A television series doesn’t become a wildly popular global phenomenon without racking up some impressive statistics along the way, With that in mind, we broke out the calculators to present a freed pointe shoes look at “Game of Thrones” by the numbers — from one to 23 million, 1: The ranking “Game of Thrones” has attained among the most pirated shows in the world, “The Walking Dead” is second, (Source:, 4: Number of beheadings — in the pilot episode..

7: The number of known victims at the Red Wedding massacre. (They include: King Robb Stark, Lady Catelyn Stark, Queen Talisa Stark, Lord Gregor Forrester, Robb and Talisa’s unborn child, Ser Wendel Manderly and Grey Wind, Robb’s dire wolf). 8: Countries in which the show has been filmed, including Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco, Spain, Malta, Canada and the United States. 9: Number of episodes that Ned Stark (Sean Bean) appeared in before his brutal demise. (The fateful episode “Baelor” aired on June 12, 2011).

13: Episodes remaining in the series, seven this season and six in the eighth and final season, 21: Pages devoted to “Game of Thrones” in Time magazine’s July 10 issue, including the cover, 25: Days it took to shoot last season’s epic “The Battle of the Bastards.”, 38: Emmy Awards bestowed upon the show, including freed pointe shoes two for best drama series (2015 and ’16), 68: The age of “Game of Thrones” author George R.R, Martin, 71: The number of nude and/or sex scenes in the show thus far, (Source:

82: Months that have passed since Martin last published a book (“A Dance With Dragons”) in his fantasy series. 100: The number of things “Game of Thrones” fans “should know and do before they die,” as suggested in a fun new book by Oakland-based author Rowan Kaiser. 170 (or more): Countries in which the show airs. 500: Extras used in “The Battle of the Bastards” scenes. 1,243: Number of characters (including extras) killed on “Game of Thrones” so far. The show has become more kill-happy as it has progressed, with only 59 demises in Season 1, compared to 540 last season. (Source: Washington Post).

500,000: Number amount of dollars that will be paid — per episode — this season to the show’s top five stars: Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, (Source: Hollywood Reporter), 10 million: Average number of dollars spent by freed pointe shoes HBO per episode during Season 6 — a $4 million jump over the previous season, (Source: Entertainment Weekly), 23.3 million: The average per-episode number of multi-platform views the show drew last season (A record for the series)..

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