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The couple keep their daughter’s ashes in an urn on a table outside her bedroom, which they have not altered since Michela’s passing. “I kiss it every day, more than once,’’ said her father. Around their necks, they wear pendants containing some of her ashes; her brother wears a medal sealed with her thumbprint. To soothe their souls, David and Kim Gregory say they have made an effort to spend more time together, visiting places that are “peaceful,’’ including a drive north or south along California’s Highway One, a trip to Crater Lake, a visit to Yosemite. They also visit the evocative, wall-sized mural of Michela and Alex in San Francisco’s Mission District, painted in February by muralist Mel Waters.

OAKLAND — A video game controller, Headphones, A microphone, A 4.0 GPA, Each name with painted icons of what brought that person joy, Of what they can no longer do, Of what their loved ones recall with smiles, Related ArticlesJury selection in Ghost Ship trial set for AprilProminent Ghost Ship prosecutor resigns weeks before case goes to trialAt the foot of the Ghost Ship ruins Saturday, friends, family, survivors, politicians, neighbors, people and dogs listened to those 36 names being read out loud one gamba 97 pointe shoes year after their breath was cut short on a dancefloor on the cluttered warehouse’s second story, On the one-year anniversary of the most deadly structure fire in modern California history, it was a time to heal and remember..

“Jonathan was here with his friends, listening to music,” Ed Bernbaum told a crowd about his son’s final moments. The father described Jonathan Bernbaum, an internationally known visual artist, as someone who was generous, who took to “mentoring other artists rather than seeing them as competitive threats.”. Soaring costs, Bernbaum said, make it difficult for artists like his son to find safe living and performance spaces. After the Ghost Ship tragedy, Bernbaum and two friends founded Vital Arts, an organization that promotes community-based projects to help low- and moderate-income artists in the Bay Area.

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo opened the afternoon program, which featured a concert of spiritual and religious music by students of the Patten Cathedral Academy, The Rev, Wortham Fears of Christian Academy spoke to the crowd, “Remember the good things, Remember the smiles, Remember the laughs you used to share with those individuals,” Fears said, “They’re still here, They’re not gone, Their spirits will continue to live on gamba 97 pointe shoes and on.”, Loved ones left messages along a chained-link fence turned into a shrine..

“This life is pretty big. I wish you were still exploring it with us,” a letter signed by Jordan and directed to fire victim Nicole Renae Siegrist — known as Denalda Nicole Renae — read in part. “Hope you’re having a blast. Looking forward to seeing ya when I take the next step.”. Ray Kelly, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, who led many of the first news conferences after the fire, came to pay respects Saturday. His 7-year-old daughter left a drawing.

“It was very important for me to visit the site today and honor the memory of the victims, It was also important for me to see the family members and see how they gamba 97 pointe shoes are doing,” Kelly said, The tragedy remains fresh in his mind, His colleagues had the grim task of recovering and identifying bodies, including Draven McGill, the young son of a sheriff deputy, “I remember when we found him and had to tell his parents,” Kelly said, “I feel like there needs to be a memorial there to replace the warehouse, Maybe a small park where families can go to visit and think,” he said, “My daughter is 7 and not old enough to really know the story of Ghost Ship, She knows people died there, and that makes her sad, Someday, I want them to know how Ghost Ship affected their dad and so many others.”..

An artist group led a procession from the warehouse to the pergola at Lake Merritt, where one of the first vigils for victims was held last year. They set up a Ghost Ship statue, a vessel made of white sheets with candles below. Organizers hung signs asking passersby to “heart chant” with them to remember their friends. Back at the warehouse, a second memorial began at sundown. Another Ghost Ship art installation was erected with sheets of music as sails. Candles were lit and placed in the shape of “36,” a poem was read, sage was burned, and bubbles were blown to reach their missing loved ones. Council members Gallo and Rebecca Kaplan stood in the circle, listening to the names being read.

Kaplan remembered gamba 97 pointe shoes a year ago being alerted of the fire in the middle of the night and not comprehending the magnitude as the death toll kept soaring, “It’s a tragedy that touched so many lives,” Kaplan said, “I really wanted to attend the grassroots event, put on by the neighborhood and friends.”, Between 11 p.m, and midnight, dance clubs in Oakland, San Francisco and as far as Seattle planned to hold a moment of silence to remember the 36 victims, As mourners huddled together, arms over shoulders, hands cupping tilted heads, Bryan Farley watched from the Wendy’s sidewalk across the street, He lived nearby a year ago when the fire tore open the neighborhood..

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