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I’m stunned that my sister would be willing to violate HIPPA regulations and that my mother would then share it in what felt like a mean and provocative way. I sent both of them an angry email demanding an explanation for what I see as a violation of the law and my trust. I copied my other siblings on the email because I knew they would all discuss it, anyway. I never heard another peep from any of them. They didn’t deny it or apologize for it. My mother expressed that she considers me overly dramatic about medical issues. From my point of view, she underreacts, and criticizes people for serious medical needs, including their choice to use medication to treat their illnesses. She is a “tough it out” kind of person.

My mother is 80 years old and she’s not going to change, It really hurts that all of my siblings have gone silent, They all live on the opposite side of the country, I miss them terribly and want to mend the relationship, but I feel very angry about this, DEAR DIAGNOSIS: There is no question that what your mother and sister did was very wrong, Looking up your husband’s records and disclosing his diagnosis was a serious legal and ethical violation on your sister’s part, I assume ballet slippers essie queen she could lose her job over this..

You have made a mistake, too, however. Your choice to include all of your siblings on the angry email you sent to your mother and one sister violates their privacy, and almost guarantees that all parties will circle the wagons and shut down. “Tough it out” kinds of people tend to be tough on others. If you really do want to mend the relationship, you should make a plan to travel to see these family members. If you have any regrets, be open about them, and try to loosen this closed circle.

DEAR AMY: “Sweetie Pie” objected to a co-worker continually calling him/her “Baby,” “Honey,” etc, Years ago I did secretarial work at an engineering firm where 100 engineers sat at desks in one big open space, ballet slippers essie queen One day when I delivered some typing to one of the engineers, he said, “Thanks, Honey.” I replied loudly, “You’re welcome, Sweetie Pie.”, Everyone laughed, And he never called me anything but my name again, DEAR LINDA: Brilliant..

Put it in the garage. That’s the default answer at my house — and I’m betting yours – whenever something I’m not ready to relinquish doesn’t have a place in the house. And so the flotsam and jetsam of life accumulate. Old tables and televisions move in alongside garden tools and garbage cans, old suitcases and hockey sticks, resident spiders and mice. The stuff creeps in, but doesn’t creep out. Eventually, the garage becomes a purgatory, a way station for items straddling a useful life and the dump. Wishful thinking keeps them hostage: I see that ThighMaster there behind your potter’s wheel.

Pretty soon, this stream of delayed decisions pushes you and your car to the curb, I’m serious, Raise your hand if ballet slippers essie queen you have a two-car garage that you can’t park two cars in, Yes, I thought so, Now keep your hand up if you can only fit in one car, And if you can’t park any car inside? Congratulations, you have joined the ranks of one in four Americans, according to Gladiator Garageworks, It’s high time to crack down. Last week, three events conspired to motivate me to do just that, First, I discovered our neighbors had tricked out their garage and turned it into part parking structure, part slick gym, complete with air conditioning, I was jealous..

Second, my handyman finally got around to my to-do list, which included hanging pegboard and rails in the garage for storage. Third, I received an e-newsletter from a professional organizer featuring her garage makeover. She’d recruited a team of friends to make light work of a heavy project. “Garages need to be addressed at least once a year,” says Susan Gardner, owner of Clearing the Way Home, in Nashville, and author of the motivating newsletter. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the garage you want.

Get ready, Have a good ballet slippers essie queen ladder, a sturdy broom, some lively tunes, lots of large trash bags, a rainless day — and no excuses, Invite friends, “Some organizing jobs are best done alone, but garage organizing is a prime example of work that is enough to keep several people busy,” said Gardner, Plus, afterward, you can return the favor at their place, (My friends were nowhere to be found, so that left DC, me and the dogs.), Move it out, Take everything out of your garage and arrange it on the driveway by category: gardening supplies, tools, sports gear, holiday décor, paints and combustibles, garbage and recycling bins, and so on..

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