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The fictionalized — and from the trailers it seems very fictionalized — story has Jason Clarke as a skeptical San Francisco psychiatrist summoned to the sprawling, maze-like house by the widow Winchester, played by Mirren. Thrills, chills and a great deal of stair-climbing ensue. Some scenes with Mirren and Clarke were filmed at the house last spring, though most of the movie was made in Australia. Tickets to the premiere events at the mansion are available for $49 at

ATTACK OF THE DRONES!: Japanese high-tech dance troupe Elevenplay are bringing their fleet of two dozen glowing drones to the Hammer Theatre Center in San Jose on Saturday for an onstage mashup of technology and art, The innovative group, which pairs their choreography with iPads and projection mapping, turned heads as part of the opening act of Lady Gaga’s 2014 world tour and the closing ceremony at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, The one-night-only show is the first of a three-part ArtTech Series at the Hammer that will include Teatrocinema, a live cinema-theatre experience in April, It will also show Bella Gaia, an audiovisual how to protect pointe shoes journey that combines music with NASA satellite imagery of Earth and time-lapse nature photography, Tickets for all three shows are available at

KOREMATSU COMMEMORATIONS: Fred Korematsu Day — which commemorates the life of the Japanese-American civil rights activist — is being observed with two special events in San Jose this month. On Saturday, Don Tamaki, the attorney who represented Korematsu in his landmark 1983 case against the United States over the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II, will deliver a speech at the Wesley United Methrodist Church in Japantown. That’ll be followed by a panel discussion with Tamaki; Fred’s daughter, Karen Korematsu; and Zahra Billoo, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in the Bay Area, who will speak on both Korematsu’s case and the current Muslim travel ban. RSVP for the 1 p.m. event by emailing

By Fred Barbash | Washington Post, Each year, how to protect pointe shoes for 33 years, “The President’s Club Charitable Trust” has organized a fundraising dinner at London’s exclusive Dorchester Hotel to benefit “worthy children’s causes.”, The attendees last Thursday, as in the past, were an elite from Britain’s business, finance, fashion, entertainment and political establishment, an “esteemed” group if ever there was one, as the club’s website says – esteemed to the man because it was, indeed, a “men only” event..

Men only, except for 130 “hostesses” hired to cater to the needs of the roughly 360 attendees. Among the hostesses this year, however, were two who were infiltrators, a female journalist from the Financial Times named Madison Marriage and a woman working with her who went undercover to report on the event. They applied for hostess jobs and got them. The first giveaway of the seedy behavior that would unfold at the secretive dinner came even before the reporters got there, while they were being prepped as hostesses.

The job requirements included “tall, thin and pretty,” the FT’s Marriage reported, While the dinner was black-tie only, for the hostesses it how to protect pointe shoes was “BLACK sexy shoes, black underwear” and “short tight black dresses,” along with a “thick black belt resembling a corset.”, The emcee at the Dorchester event began the evening by welcoming the men “to the most un-PC event of the year.”, That gave only a hint of what was to come, as Marriage described it in an explosive story published late Tuesday..

“With the dinner properly under way,” she wrote, “the hostess brief was simple: keep this mix of British and foreign businessmen, the odd lord, politicians, oligarchs, property tycoons, film producers financiers and chief executives happy – and fetch drinks when required. “A number of men stood with the hostesses while waiting for smoked salmon starters to arrive. Others remained seated and yet insisted on holding the hands of their hostesses . . . a prelude to pulling the women into their laps.”.

As burlesque dancers entertained how to protect pointe shoes on the stage, dressed in furry hats like those worn by the famous guards at Buckingham Palace, except for the “star shaped stickers” hiding their nipples, a 19-year-old hostess was asked by a “guest nearing his seventies” whether “she was a prostitute,” which she was not, Marriage reported, One hostess recounted to FT a scene of “braying men” fondling her bottom, stomach and legs, Another guest “lunged at her to kiss her.”..

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