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“Both of you are here?” she said to the girls, surprised. “Where are your dates?”. “Parker’s coming,” Natalia said. She checked her phone again. “He’s got 2 minutes,” someone announced at 5:43. One minute later, he made it. She grinned, and they shared a gentle embrace. He slipped a white rose corsage on her left wrist, and she held the matching boutonniere up to his navy blue lapel. “I’m just going to act like I’m doing it,” she said, laughing.

Now they needed to get a portrait, so she motioned for him to shiftto her left, “I can move this arm,” Natalia said, From the camera’s view, she looked like any other girl, hair curled, eyelashes long, makeup pristine, The dress’s how to sew elastic on pointe shoes grishko open back, though, revealed a patch of ivory bandages, the only evidence that the bones in her shoulders were fractured, that her chest was littered with bullet fragments, Parker put his arm around her, smiling as he searched for a spot to rest his hand, They posed with Gianna and her boyfriend and, later, a few other classmates..

Then Natalia hugged her date goodbye and shuffled toward an awaiting truck. “Six o’clock. Take your pill,” a family friend said, because it was time for her painkiller. The woman helped her into the back seat, and 51 minutes after it began, Natalia’s homecoming ended. Across town, Shae was at Delaney’s house, struggling to find the right expression for their pictures. None of them felt quite right. “What’s wrong with us?” Shae asked, especially frustrated because 2016’s homecoming had cemented their friendship. Both had just come out of serious relationships and bonded over silly, finger-on-their-chin poses and a long night on the dance floor.

When Brevin, the boy taking Shae, arrived, the girls got into the back of his family’s Ford Mustang, With their dates up front, Shae and Delaney took selfies together, and the night finally how to sew elastic on pointe shoes grishko started to feel the way it was supposed to, The four of them had gone out in the same car, with the top down, on the night Brevin asked Shae to the dance, On the way, the girls had begged him to play country music, and he’d refused, and they’d all laughed about it ever since, Now, on the way to homecoming, he asked if they wanted to hear country music..

Not tonight, the girls told him. They pulled up to the school and spotted Fogo, who was welcoming students. Shae and Delaney walked straight to the principal and hugged him, together. At a table in the cafeteria, the girls ate chicken and salad with their dates and talked about the decorations inside the gym. Shae had helped set up everything until midnight Friday and then again Saturday morning. “Wait till you see it,” she told Delaney. “It’s really pretty.”. Shae had worried all week that she and her classmates wouldn’t enjoy the dance, but she’d invested so much of herself to make sure they did – covering the bleachers in black tarp, assembling light towers wrapped in linen, putting together a gazebo threaded in faux ivy around the dessert table, painting a miniature house that looked just like the one that floats away in the movie “Up.”.

On their way out of the cafeteria, the girls ran into Summer and exchanged hugs and compliments about their dresses, “I’m just going to warn you guys, there are a lot of balloons in there,” said Shae, who knew that, a day earlier, one had popped just as Delaney walked into the gym and she’d ducked to cover her head, But her best friend was too excited to worry about that, so Shae, Delaney and their how to sew elastic on pointe shoes grishko dates headed across the courtyard, The rap song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” thudded from the speakers as they walked through the gym’s double doors, where hundreds of students were bouncing in the dark beneath white ceiling drapes, The four of them passed white-clothed tables decorated with white rose petals and Mason jars filled with white lights that looked like fireflies..

They sat on a bench along the side of the gym, and Shae took off her floral Steve Madden heels. Hand in hand, the girls approached the dance floor, maneuvering along the edge, outside the scrum. They found friends near the front, below the DJ booth, and began to dance. “Stanky Legg” came on, and the students roared. Delaney, beaming, let go of Shae’s hand. The bass boomed louder. The crowd grew larger. Shae felt her chest tighten. “I’ll be back,” she told a friend standing next to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked, “Yeah, I just need a minute,” she said, slipping away how to sew elastic on pointe shoes grishko before Delaney could notice, Shae went to the principal, “It’s a little overwhelming,” she said, and he told her to take a break if she needed to, Shae picked up her phone and rushed toward the doors, fleeing beneath an arch of rainbow-colored balloons on her way out, On the far side of the courtyard, she stood barefoot along the edge of the sidewalk, her pink toenails buried in the grass, A string of lights between two poles hung overhead, illuminating the scrapes on her legs that still hadn’t healed..

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