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Los Angeles Azules’ catchy dance music is called cumbia sonidera, a variation on the more traditional Colombian cumbia. The band adds accordion and electronic synthesizers to the music’s African rhythms as well as smooth melodies. The resulting sound echoes the cumbia from the 1950-1970s, but with the addition of elements of 1990s-style electronic music. All they’re hoping the Coachella audience does is bust out into a cumbia dance party, whether they’ve ever heard the music or not. “We think we’ll be well received and we’ll see them dancing,” De la Peña said.

For the past few years the lineup at Coachella as leaned heavily on electronic dance music, rap and hip-hop acts, But since its inception in how to wear pointe shoes 1999, the festival has also had Latin artists, including Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles, which performed the very first year, Other Latin and Latin-inspired acts throughout the years have included Ozomatli, Café Tacvba and Chicano Batman, In 2017, the festival expanded those efforts with the addition of the Sonora Tent, which featured more than a dozen acts ranging from rock, punk and garage bands whose music was largely driven by and blended with various Latin sounds..

More than a dozen Latino acts are set to take the stage this year along with the first straight-up cumbia band to make the bill, and it’s likely that many in the audience will recognize their music even if they don’t closely follow the genre. “They’re legendary throughout the world…It’s one of those bands with music that a lot of younger people that go to Coachella grew up listening to at parties, at quinceañeras, weddings, at your parents’ house. It’s music that has been present in a lot of people’s lives” said Rene Contreras, one of the festival’s music bookers who was responsible for the Sonora Tent last year and booked the Chella concert on April 19.

Los Angeles Azules formed in 1976 in Iztapalapa, a town outside of Mexico City, by siblings Elias, Alfredo, Jose, Cristina and Guadalupe Mejia Avante, De la Peña joined the how to wear pointe shoes band in 2002, The group has earned its following by touring constantly, performing hundreds of shows a year while selling out large venues like Mexico City’s 50,000-person-capacity Auditorio Nacional, And with a repertoire of music that the band says can connect with anyone, they’ve long been open to taking it to new audiences..

These efforts have included performances at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic last year where they were joined by a few other cumbia bands, and performing with a lineup of rock acts when they played Mexico’s Latin rock festival Vive Latino in 2013. Despite their success, getting the call to play Coachella was still a big surprise for the band, De la Peña said. “We know how big this festival is, how important it is at a cultural level and the artists it draws, so for us it’s was incredible news (to be booked) and we know we have to do our best,” he said.

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here are seven fantastic ideas, from the always-irresistible Alvin Ailey dance company to Coachella bands performing right here at home — and even a royal shout-out, (No, no, not Harry and Meghan, We’re talking Emperor Norton!), The sad, wistful love story behind “The Bridges of Madison County” made it a blockbuster bestseller in the 1990s, but the stage version is even better, says our reviewer, It’s playing in Mountain View, Meanwhile, Center Repertory Company in Walnut Creek how to wear pointe shoes is reviving one of its most popular shows, “Shirley Valentine,” in which a bored Liverpool housewife finds love and rejuvenation in Greece..

That big $90 million renovation at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum has had a delicious consequence. And while the new restaurant is named Sunday at the Museum, it’s actually open every day. The name’s a nod to chef-creator Deuki Hong’s popular Korean fried chicken pop-up, Sunday Bird. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on that menu. With its blend of sheer athleticism and emotional release, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is a thrill to behold, and it’s been coming to Berkeley to perform for 50 years now. The troupe is back this weekend.

There’s a reason so many tourists flock to San Francisco, The city’s sensational, And while you may think you how to wear pointe shoes know its history and lore, Emperor Norton, the self-proclaimed 19th century Emperor of the United States, will soon set you straight on that score, You don’t have to be a tourist to take a walking tour of the waterfront led by Norton himself, clad in an ostrich-plumed hat and full regalia, (And afterward, take a water taxi ride, Yes, really! Find the deets here.), The annual flood of acts playing the massive Coachella music festival head for Bay Area venues beginning this weekend (well, tonight, actually), which means you can watch indie-folk hitmaker Vance Joy or DJ superstar Kygo without dealing with massive, dusty crowds and $40 seaweed tofu wraps, Here are five cool Coachella acts to catch here at home..

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