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Some might observe that this is not only extremely worrying, but also a reflection of the adult world. Most days and nights, Twitter, for example, is a repository of bile, invective, and pissy hissing. In the case of these preteens and teens, however, it was specifically physical appearance that was the basis for 72 percent of the cyberbullying witnessed. Another statistic that doesn't portend well for the future of humanity is that 50 percent of these kids said that they'd been involved in an argument because of something posted on social media.

Isn't it enough for mean girls and boys to sulk about things said and done at school, without having the additional pressure of things screeched and wailed on Facebook? It seems not, Social media is merely an additional chalkboard for iphone 1 cases amazon slurs to be flung and backs to be bit, Fifty-two percent were quite happy not to turn off the GPS locations on their phones as they went through their days, This despite the fact that strangers might discover where they were, Though 49 percent regretted something they'd posted online, there was one statistic that offered perhaps the saddest and most frightening perspective: a third of the respondents said that they felt more accepted in social media than in real life..

This might be a reflection of teen angst. On the other hand, it might be a glimpse into a time, fast approaching, in which online identities are equally, if not more important -- and even more comfortable -- than real-life ones. The social-media world allows for different forms of language, nuance, and control. It allows for an entirely new level of personal manipulation. Mastering it is just as much of an art as social behavior in the physical world. If a substantial number of teens truly do feel more accepted in social media, perhaps they'll choose to live more of their lives in social media too.

The virtual becomes more real to them, The virtual is where they feel more themselves, Until iphone 1 cases amazon what's virtual is real, And what's real is virtual, McAfee's "Teens and the Screen" survey sees a far greater awareness of cyberbullying, but a carefree attitude toward security on the part of teens, Do teens tell more of the truth when answering surveys than in real life when talking to adults?, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The keynote of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference came and went on Monday without a single mention of a new hardware product. While that itself isn't a huge surprise -- as its name suggests, the event is largely for developers, so a focus on software makes sense -- it only ups the ante and suggests a potential flurry of announcements in the second half. You could be forgiven for expecting something. Cook promised several times over the past year that Apple would enter in 2014. Last week, Eddy Cue, head of iTunes and the man behind Apple's $3 billion acquisition of headphone and streaming service Beats, upped the pressure by boasting that the consumer electronics giant is working on its " best product pipeline in 25 years."Apple still needs to prove it has that magic touch. It may have transformed the smartphone business with the iPhone and the tablet business with the iPad, but its last shakeup came four years ago with the original iPad. With earnings and sales growth slowing and a feeling of lethargy building, investors and fanboys alike have been waiting for the next revolutionary product that will provide a new leg of growth.

Unfortunately, unless you're a developer, there was nothing groundbreaking to be found at WWDC, "We came away relatively iphone 1 cases amazon disappointed," Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter noted, "While we did not expect major new product initiatives, the mostly incremental improvements announced were underwhelming."Apple shares rose $5.30, or 0.85 percent, to $634 Tuesday after falling $4.35, or 0.7 percent, yesterday, The Cupertino, Calif., company on Monday unveiled iOS 8, its latest mobile operating system and its desktop-based Mac OS X Yosemite, but most of the additions are minor, On the mobile end, many features are already available on Android, and even BlackBerry and Windows Phone, It introduced new health and smart home programs, but spent so little time on them that one has to wonder how big of a push Apple will make..

Apple also debuted a new programming language, called Swift, that, while important to developers, is something consumers likely will never know or care about. "It's like we're at a conference where people are talking about cement, and we want to see skyscrapers," said Horace Dediu, an analyst with Asymco. "Everybody knows if you have great material, great foundations, you're going to have better buildings..[but] it's hard to get excited about building materials."Apple didn't release any new hardware at WWDC, but expectations were fairly low. And while Apple's "exciting new products" don't have to be gadgets, nothing shown during the keynote Monday really lives up to that promise -- at least not now. What Apple needs are items that can attract high numbers of users and eventually become big new markets for Apple.

Under Cook, who took charge three months before Steve Jobs' death in 2011, Apple's earnings and sales growth have slowed in part because it has largely leaned on incremental improvements to its core franchises -- the iPhone and iPad together account for three-quarters of sales, Cook's presentation style greatly differs from that of Jobs, who was known for his dynamic, suspense-filled orations, Often times, Cook simply iphone 1 cases amazon opens and closes events, offering a few comments in between, On Monday, Cook was virtually an afterthought as Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software for Apple, dominated much of the proceedings in an entertaining, informative presentation..

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