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Creating your own animated GIFs is easier than ever on the Asus Memo Pad 8 and Transformer Pad TF103C (the Memo Pad is only available in the US, but the Transformer is available internationally). You can find the feature in the native camera app and it's as simple as hitting the record button and letting the high jinks in front of you naturally unravel. The 7- and 10-inch LG G Pads are simple budget tablets, but their cool design and voice activated camera shutter might help impress your friends way beyond their affordable prices suggest.

You can choose to take a photo using the rear or front-facing camera by saying "LG," "cheese," "kimchee," or "whiskey." It, surprisingly, works well consistently and makes the grainy photo quality a bit more bearable, Both slates are available in the US, but only the 10.1 is for sale in Australia, In the iphone 8 case otterbox UK, LG has announced plans to release the 10.1, but no pricing or release date, Though you can download a variety of camera apps, it's rare that a native camera offers its own variety of scene modes to additionally download..

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates allow you to download more scene modes, however it's currently slim pickings. Samsung is eyeing the top of the tablet charts with the powerful, pixel-packed Tab S series, so only time will tell if it'll keep up with this new development. Google is due to update its Nexus 7 and 10 tablets soon, but the pair still offer the rare treat of taking 360-degree photos with your slate. Using the photosphere function, you can map out an entire scene by simply following the friendly onscreen instructions. If executed well, they can come out pretty darn cool, but sharing them is a bit difficult; the large photos are best displayed on the tablets themselves or on your Google+ profile.

Offering an intuitive interface with clean icons and graphics, MyMail is a respectable email iphone 8 case otterbox app that I wish had more to it, On initial launch you're able to add any supported accounts or sign up for a My.com email address, You can add additional accounts at any time from the Settings screen, My.com pitches a benefit of the service being the lack of a password requirement, Instead, your username, phone number, and a short code sent via text are the only way to sign into your account, Managing your account is done using a familiar slide-out drawer, Under my avatar is where additional accounts would be listed and selectable with a tap..

Rumors have been flying that HTC is on the brink of announcing a Windows Phone version of its aluminum One M8 flagship , with the latest report pointing linking the unannounced handset with an HTC device that just passed global certification. Other rumors suggest that the Windows Phone version of the M8 will cost around $600 off-contract and $200 on-contract, specifically with US carrier Verizon, though I'd suspect this would eventually become a globally-available device. HTC declined to comment.

HTC rose in smartphone fame supplying Microsoft-branded devices for its Windows Mobile OS, which preceded the Windows Phone platform, If the rumor proves true, it would mark HTC's first Windows Phone in years, and perhaps signal that Microsoft's decision to buy up Nokia's device arm and start making its own phones hasn't completely scared away other partners, An August 19 event in New York could be the phone's launch site, possibly with (or instead of) a rumored Nexus tablet or HTC smartwatch, HTC may not be done with Windows Phone yet, according to new rumors that link iphone 8 case otterbox a certification to the company's premiere device..

It's been a long time since we've seen an HTC-made Windows Phone, but if the rumors are right, a new one will emerge, with a design you may know. HTC is said to soon be debuting a Windows Phone version of its One M8 Android flagship. It would be in good company, too. HTC's past Windows Phone efforts played around with audio, color, camera, and size. The 4.7-inch screen of 2011's HTC Titan seemed enormous at the time. Though it ran on a single-core processor, the metal device's design exuded luxury and its 8-megapixel camera took great shots.

The Titan's follow-up, the Titan II, emerged the following year with the same size screen and a camera that was incredibly ambitious for 2012, 16-megapixels, The wacky Surround, which arrived in 2010, was one of HTC's first projects to amp audio, Its slide-out speakers nevertheless make the phone iphone 8 case otterbox heavy and failed to deliver any aural epiphanies, A more entry-level Windows Phone, 2011's HTC Trophy, as it was called with US carrier Verizon, had a 3.8-inch screen, which is shockingly small by today's standard..

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