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23. TaoBao villages. One Alibaba case study in its IPO filing plays up the success TaoBao has had in rural villages. There are about 20 of these "TaoBao Villages" -- characterized by Alibaba as rural areas where at least 10 percent of the households run a business through the TaoBao Marketplace -- and they generate over $62.3 million (RMB 10 million) in sales. A resident from DongFeng, a small village within the town of Shaji in the Jiangsu province (eastern China), started making furniture and selling pieces on TaoBao in 2006. The business grew quickly, spurring local investments in training programs and other operations. The growth prompted delivery companies to set up shop in Shaji, where furniture sales through TaoBao have topped $1.2 billion.

CNET's Nick Statt contributed to this report, Updated, May 8 at 9:48 a.m, PT: Clarifies Alibaba's figures on mobile use, CNET breaks down Alibaba's sprawling e-commerce empire and explains why everyone's been talking about the Chinese company's initial public offering, Editor's note: This story originally was published May 7, 2014, It has been updated with information from Alibaba's IPO on Sept, 19, 2014, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we iphone screen protectors apple store encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement comes the wide availability of Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 8 . Download day is often full of early upgraders rushing to be the first to try out the new system. It also means some people run into speed bumps during the upgrade or discover hiccups in the software. For starters, iOS 8 is only good for certain devices, including the iPhone 4S and later and the iPad 2 and later. Early-generation Apple device owners have reached the end of the line for iOS updates. Actually getting the update may involve cleaning up space on your gadget and backing up your data, just in case something goes wonky. Check out CNET's full iOS 8 upgrade guide.

Assuming everything went well and you're running the latest system, you now have access to the new bells and whistles, This list includes custom keyboards, a revamped Camera app, a new widgets feature, battery-usage information, location privacy and interactive notifications, Another big move is Apple's new Health app, which is designed to keep an eye on your physical activity, There's quite a bit going on with this upgrade, but not everyone has been eager to embrace it, Some users are still gun-shy over issues that cropped up during the iOS iphone screen protectors apple store 7 upgrade, That experience may be partly to blame for why iOS 8 adoption is lagging a bit behind iOS 7..

As to be expected with any new offering, there are some mixed opinions floating around. CNET user cange30 falls on the side of the fans, writing, "I love the updated iOS. I see a difference subtly but an update that is effective but doesn't take away the overall platform." On the other side of the equation, reader jagreenwoddjr--2008 calls the update "bloatware."Now it's your turn to share your iOS 8 experience. Has it been smooth sailing or a bumpy ride? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.

Like its predecessor, the Moto X can be customized by users with different colors and materials, But this sequel has a faster processor, a sharper screen, and a better camera, In the US, it's available for $99.99 with a carrier contract and $499.99 without, Compared to iphone screen protectors apple store the original, the device looks a whole lot sexier than before, Its trimmings have been upgraded from plastic to metal, and the display curves smoothly over the edges (which is reminiscent of the Google Nexus 4), There are only two color options for the front side (black or white), but for the back, you can choose between 17 colors, four types of wood grain, and four leather dyes..

The handset’s 5.2-inch OLED screen features Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a 1080p resolution, and 423ppi. It's much sharper than last year’s 720p AMOLED screen, and looks vivid and bright. The signature M-dimple on the rear works well to anchor one's finger while holding the handset. As an AT&T handset, you will get some preloaded apps from the carrier. There's AT&T Live, a usage manager so you can look over your battery and data consumption, 5GB of free cloud storage through AT&T Locker, and more.

Verizon users will receive My Verizon Mobile, which lets you check your data use and minutes, as well as its storage iphone screen protectors apple store cloud and caller ID services, A closer look at the carrier branding for the Verizon model, Motorola also tacked on another front-facing speaker grille at the bottom of the display, and textured the power button (which sits on the right edge) with ridges to make it easier to discern by touch, With its larger display, the phone now measures 5.54 inches tall, 2.85 inches wide, and 0.39 inch thick at its deepest (140.8 x 72.4 x 9.9mm)..

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