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“In every sincere way,” Franks said, “I left and felt like this was a meeting of consequence.”. Ivanka left and told Kushner — in one of the frenetic catch-ups that the couple holds, sometimes in his office, sometimes in the 11-11:20 p.m. timespan between when her husband gets home and when the two go to bed — that the meeting had been “really positive.”. Paid parental leave is on the administration’s proposed budget this year: a mandated six weeks for birth and adoptive parents. Ivanka knows proposed budgets never survive intact, an aide said, and that the proposal could struggle to find support from either Democrats, who don’t think it goes far enough, or from conservative Republicans, who disagree with a mandate at all.

“I think there’s going to be a question of whether it gets there, but you know, she’s happy that people are talking about this — and again she’s working hard to build coalition and understanding around the issue,” said a person close to Ivanka in the White House, who requested anonymity to speak openly, While Ivanka did meet privately with her home state senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, according to the Associated ladies white ballet flats Press, her early public meetings have largely included Republicans on Capitol Hill, leaving some Democrats who have pressed the legislation for decades wondering about her strategy..

“I appreciate what Ivanka Trump is doing to elevate the issue to make it part of the public discourse,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Connecticut, a veteran advocate for family leave whose own proposed bill was analyzed alongside the Trump administration’s in a recent collaborative study by the liberal Brookings Institution and the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute. “I haven’t met with her. I haven’t been asked to meet with her,” DeLauro adds. “I don’t want to be presumptuous, but since I have been engaged in these issues on the House side for such a long time I’d hope that I would be included in a discussion of these issues.”.

When Donald Trump announced he would be pulling out of the global climate change agreement known as the Paris Accords, it angered liberals who had put their hopes in Ivanka, She had personally met with former Vice President Al Gore, and gotten actor Leonardo DiCaprio into a room with her father to talk about climate change, She telephoned business executives, encouraging them to tell her father to stay in the deal, He didn’t, “Is it possible she’s doing nothing to moderate her father?” exasperated HBO host John Oliver asked, Aides say she felt frustrated, She had done her job, as she saw it, exposing her father to a variety of ladies white ballet flats ideas, but she couldn’t make her father commit to something he didn’t want to..

That is her typical approach. “I am not sort of trying to selectively curate information that will lead him to agree with me,” she said. “Debate is good.”. In other interviews, she has said she would never criticize her father in public. “Where I disagree with my father, he knows it,” she told CBS’s Gayle King in a televised interview in April. People who know her say that speaking out in public would be “inappropriate.”. At times it seems as if the question of whether Ivanka could change her father’s mind misses the question of how much she wants to. Understanding her requires understanding them as a unit.

A childhood friend of Ivanka’s remembers a moment during the campaign, Ivanka was scheduled to come to California and be interviewed on stage for a Fortune magazine-sponsored ladies white ballet flats summit on powerful women, The friend lived nearby, so Ivanka invited her to attend, “It was supposed to be more about her, and being a successful woman in business,” the friend recalls, “But it was hard for them not to turn it around to something like, ‘How do you define your father’s actions about X that day?’ ”..

Day “X,” a quick Google search reveals, took place shortly after the president’s leaked “Access Hollywood” tape. Without preamble, the Fortune interviewer asked for Ivanka’s reaction. “Way to warm up!” Ivanka said, laughing. “It’s lovely to be here in California.”. The friend, who asked to speak anonymously, remembered being nervous on Ivanka’s behalf, but then unsurprised at Ivanka’s easy response. Ivanka noted that her father had apologized and had always treated her with respect.

That ease could be traced to half a lifetime in the public eye: She started modeling as a teenager and spent nearly a decade on prime time TV with her father, And she had become used to explaining his behavior, The same thing happened in April in Germany: Ivanka was invited by Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend a summit on how to achieve equality for women, Ivanka showed up and was immediately asked to defend her father’s statements about women, The ladies white ballet flats fact that Merkel announced Ivanka’s involvement with a World Bank fund for women-owned businesses was overshadowed by stories about whether some audience members had booed Ivanka’s rationalization of her dad’s behavior..

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