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By David Weigel, (c) 2017, The Washington Post. CHICAGO — The groans began as soon as Hillary Clinton came on-screen. It was the first day of the People’s Summit, a progressive conference organized by groups connected to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and an organizer was showing hundreds of activists a video demonstrating right and wrong ways to “build a movement that will win.”. Related ArticlesHow Kamala Harris is bringing California resistance to WashingtonAmid `Resistance,’ activists push California Democratic Party to the leftThe wrong way: Clinton’s caught-on-video response at a 2016 fundraiser to a Black Lives Matter protester demanding she apologize for having used the term “super predators” a decade earlier, during her husband’s push for tougher sentences for violent criminals. Groans turned to jeers as the video showed the protester being removed.

The right way: Sanders’ tactic in an August 2015 appearance of standing back and letting activists who interrupted him at a Seattle rally take over the event, Cheers filled the McCormick Place meeting room, where the People’s Summit had convened, as Sanders was shown on the screen talking to BLM organizers, “That’s one way to link different issues up to one movement,” said Erin Evans, an organizer at one of Sanders’s biggest backers, National Nurses United, who was giving the presentation, “There is most expensive pointe shoe brand a way to bond people through a common vision while at the same time acknowledging that forms of structural violence that some communities undergo are important.”..

Nearly one year after effectively conceding the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders was the star of this year’s People’s Summit, which has quickly become the country’s largest progressive political conference. At least 4,000 people trekked to Chicago for a weekend of teach-ins, panels and dance parties. In a Saturday-night speech, Sanders planned to tell activists to charge ahead because “ideas that, just a few years ago, seemed radical and unattainable, are now part of Main Street discussion.”.

But as Sanders used his star power to unite most expensive pointe shoe brand activists behind the Democrats, some debated whether the Democratic Party could ever be fixed to their liking, Faced with unified Republican control of Washington, progressives were less interested in simple unity than in a purity that they believed could win, Much of the discussion at the People’s Summit focused on the need to leave “neoliberal” politics in the dust, But there was disagreement about how to do so, On Friday night, activists cheered at a clip of NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro telling California Democrats not to “assume the activists in California and around this country are going to stay with the Democratic Party.”..

When Clinton’s campaign was mentioned at all, it was as a cautionary tale. “A billion dollars, and they set it on fire!” said CNN commentator Van Jones in a passionate speech. “A billion dollars for consultants!”. There were also comparisons to the surprise surge of the Labour Party in Thursday’s British election. Like Sanders, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did not win, keeping Prime Minister Theresa May in power. But May lost her majority, and Labour made gains that defied conventional wisdom.

“It didn’t seem like [Corbyn] was talking about most expensive pointe shoe brand how bad Theresa May was, or how stupid those Brexit voters were,” said Larry Stafford Jr., executive director of Progressive Maryland, at a panel on post-Sanders campaign organizing, “It seemed like there was a progressive Labour platform, They talked about their ideas; Democrats focus too much on personality.”, Candidates for Congress and local offices walked the halls of the convention, signing up activists, who — post-Sanders — felt that any race was winnable if a candidate ran to the left..

“Before the 2016 election, people would show up to the ballot box and cast a vote,” said Winnie Wong, a co-founder of People for Bernie, a group that grew out of the Occupy movement. “They wouldn’t feel empowered. The agenda was always set by the media and the parties.”. More hotly debated was what role Sanders himself would play in crafting the agenda — and whether the Democratic Party was worth saving at all, a topic that played out in common areas and after-parties.

Stephen Jaffe, a 71-year old Sanders supporter most expensive pointe shoe brand challenging House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for the 2018 midterm elections, spent some of a Friday-night meet-and-greet debating the relevance of the party with would-be supporters, “If the driver pulls the car into a ditch, you get a new driver,” said Jaffe, sporting a campaign button and lapel pin that read “Gave My Last F—.”, “What if the car’s so banged up that no one wants it?” asked an organizer for a group that aimed to draft Sanders as an independent 2020 presidential candidate..

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