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And there’s a lot there. Who knew that this boyish troubadour — who once upon a time looked like he might be remembered as a one-hit wonder for “The A Team” — would so quickly establish himself as one of finest songwriters of his generation?. He’d greatly underscore his immense lyrical talent during the second half of the show, wowing the exuberant fans with “Thinking Out Loud” — which stands as one of the best-selling singles of all time — as well as the powerful rendition of “Photograph.” He’d close the main set with the anthem “Sing” before returning for an encore that included the groovy, sexy “Shape of You.”.

Top of the Order, Apple In Your Eye: Well, it probably came as a surprise to no one that Apple grabbed the spotlight early Wednesday and never let go by the time the stock market closed, That’s what happens when the world’s most-valuable publicly traded company reports better-than-expected results and has enough juice with investors to help push the Dow Jones Industrial Average to surpass the 22,000-point mark for the first time, Apple shares finished the day with a gain of 4.7 percent at $157.14, and are up 35.7 percent so far how to burn pointe shoe ribbons this year..

“It is striking how every part of the business is doing well,” said UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, in a research report on Apple following its most-recent results. All of Apple’s main product lines — iPhones, services, Macs and iPads — all showed increased sales from the same period a year ago. The results were viewed as a sign Apple is still able to build enthusiasm for its products even with a new iPhone on the horizon. At Morgan Stanley, analyst Katy Huberty said that even though Apple shares have soared this year, there is still room for the company’s stock to go even higher.

“Strong results and guidance clear the path for Apple shares to outperform in the early innings of an iPhone supercycle,” Huberty said, referring to the how to burn pointe shoe ribbons next iPhone, which many have dubbed the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, “We see faster upgrades, increased switchers and ecosystem benefits like accelerating services growth.”, Apple hasn’t said anything about its iPhone plans, yet, But the company has historically held an event in early September to unveil new iPhone models with a slate of attendant bells and whistles..

This year’s new model comes with even more expectations because it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and reports have estimated the new smartphone could come with a price tag of $1,200 or more. Such a release could play a big role in Apple setting itself up for the Christmas shopping season, which is always Apple’s busiest business period of the year. And it could also put more investors in a buying mood with regards to the company’s stock. Middle Innings. The Cook Two-Step: While Wall Street was happy to dance with Apple, it looks like Chief Executive Tim Cook is dancing around just what things he “promised” to President Donald Trump. Last week, the president told the Wall Street Journal that, in a private conversation, Cook promised Apple would build three big production facilities in the U.S. But, when asked about that during Tuesday’s earnings conference call, Cook didn’t quite back up Trump’s assertions.

Bottom of the Lineup, Who’s Coming to Work: Facebook has released the results of its latest corporate diversity study, and the company’s employee base is changing, At least a how to burn pointe shoe ribbons little bit, The report, released Wednesday, said that of Facebook’s U.S, workers, as of June 30, 3 percent are black and 5 percent are Hispanic, and those numbers were up for the first time since 2014, Quote of the Day: “You are witnessing the single greatest investor Goldilocks period in this American century.” — Eric Schiffer, chief executive of Los Angeles-based private-equity firm the Patriarch Organization, Schiffer spoke about reaction to the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 22,000 points for the first time in history on Wednesday..

When radical Islamic rebels swept across northern Mali in 2012 and took over ancient cultural centers like Timbuktu, the West African nation’s musicians, long a source of local pride and international renown, found themselves in the crosshairs. While the rebellion started as another chapter in the long struggle between the north’s Tuareg people and the central government, it was quickly usurped by groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda, leading to the destruction of instruments and brutal punishment of people caught playing music (among other so-called crimes against humanity).

Amadou and Mariam, the husband-and-wife bandleaders who attained global recognition sharing stages with rock stars at Coachella and Lollapalooza after emerging from Mali’s fertile music scene three decades ago, address the still simmering situation on their upcoming album “La Confusion” (Because Music), French forces helped drive the Islamic radicals out in 2013, but “during the years after the rebellion there was really a separation between north and south,” says Amadou Bagayoko, 62. “But things have gotten better, The country is no longer so divided and musicians did have a how to burn pointe shoe ribbons big role in calming the situation, regrouping north and south.”..

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