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“We were scared that we would do this for five or 10 years and people would lose interest, especially as we started to lose more veterans,” Corpus said. “It’s been quite the contrary.”. A 1940s-style dance party held Friday night beneath History Park’s light tower drew hundreds of people, including many in the under-30 set who dressed up in throwback fashions while dancing to swing music. On Saturday, the park’s lawns were filled with military tents, and the streets were lined with military vehicles and vintage automobiles of the era. The Pacific Hotel balcony was festooned with a “Buy War Bonds” banner.

A small group of World War II veterans sat in the shade, sharing stories and listening to the Singing Blue Stars of the USS Hornet do their best impression of the Andrews Sisters, Veterans groups like the American Legion and Honor Flight Network, which transports vets to visit memorials in Washington, D.C., manned tents to get the word out about their services, And there pointe shoe ribbons were a number of young people, many dressed in vintage military gear or 1940s-era clothes, walking around, talking to the veterans, Corpus says the interest among the younger generation has picked up, especially as people lose grandparents who lived through World War II and begin to uncover old mementos from the era..

The core group of six people keeping the Spirit of ’45 going are are all under 35, most of them drawn to the organization because of family that served in the war. (To find out more about Spirit of ’45, go to www.spiritof45.org.). Chris Teixeira, 35, got involved four years ago after he found a suitcase containing a uniform that belonged to his grandfather, a motor pool mechanic on an airbase in England. Natasha Maxin, 17, is entering San Jose State this fall and is starting to appreciate the historical contribution of her great-grandfather, who flew over Europe as a B-17 turret gunner. Jenn Flores, 30, got involved because she wanted her 7-year-old son, Leo, to appreciate his elders and follow their example of compassion and respect.

The Spirit of ’45 Day event also serves to raise funds for some of the group’s other activities to support veterans, with appearances at pointe shoe ribbons neighborhood events and the annual Veterans Day Parade, Corpus and Teixeira raised just enough money to bring Pearl Harbor survivor Carl Clark to Hawaii for the 75th anniversary commemoration of the attack that brought America into the war, Clark, an African-American who served as a cook during his 22-year career, hadn’t been back since 1941. He spent a week in Hawaii during the celebrations, and he died March 16 of this year..

An actor and dancer from North Hollywood was sentenced to one year in county jail after he pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge, prosecutors announced Thursday. Joshua Allen, 28, who won the fourth season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” pleaded no contest to willfully injuring an ex-girlfriend after a prior conviction and assault with a deadly weapon, a glass vase, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. In addition to one year in county jail, Allen was sentenced to five years of formal probation and 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling. He was also ordered to stay away from the victim for a decade, prosecutors said.

In April of last year, Allen assaulted and strangled his ex-girlfriend, according to prosecutors, About two months later, he attacked the same victim and she ran to a nearby coffee shop, “Allen chased pointe shoe ribbons her into the coffee shop and threw a glass vase at a woman who attempted to help the victim and attacked another man who also tried to intervene,” prosecutors said, Allen then vandalized the coffee shop until he was finally restrained by good Samaritans, prosecutors said, In addition to winning the Fox Television dance competition, Allen also had roles in the films “Step Up 3D” and the comedy “Freak Dance.”..

DEAR AMY: I have wonderful in-laws. They take care of my daughter and are very generous. However, they can be extremely overbearing. and tend to meddle into our lives. They also push their traditions and opinions on us. For our daughter’s birth they got her a pillow that you decorate at every birthday until they are 21. My husband despised the pillow growing up and does not want it to be a tradition for our family. On her first birthday we “forgot” to bring the pillow. They were very upset and would not let it go.

We are in the process of buying a home and every home we like or see they go to the open houses, drive around the neighborhood and speak to all the neighbors, We feel our privacy is being intruded upon and we want to make our own family traditions, How do we tell them to back off without hurting anyone’s feelings?, pointe shoe ribbons Related ArticlesAsk Amy: This odd babysitting arrangement is making things awkwardAsk Amy: I thought I could count on my friends, Now I know I can’t.Ask Amy: We found out our college girl has an inappropriate boyfriendAsk Amy: He forgot our monthiversary, and I’m still hurtAsk Amy: I Googled my supervisor, and now I’m worriedDEAR INVADED: Do you remember the old joke that Woody Allen quotes in “Annie Hall”?..

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