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Rick Smith, president of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, sees another “uptick” in home prices coming with the latest development proposal for Alviso: A Topgolf recreation complex, including a triple-deck driving range with restaurants, retail and a 200-room hotel. The complex is planned for 40 wide-open acres at the edge of downtown Alviso, with possible groundbreaking this summer and talk of 500 new jobs. The project has emerged as the latest litmus test for Alviso’s future.

Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on San Jose news and more with our free mobile app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store, Opponents, whose lawsuit may delay the groundbreaking, fear added noise and traffic — and say the land would be better used for affordable housing, “If Topgolf comes in, it’s satin ballet flats with ribbon just going to increase the rent here,” said Mark Espinoza, who grew up in Alviso during the 1970s and now heads the Organizacion Comunidad de Alviso, which has sued the developers..

But proponents say the project offers a chance to preserve a semblance of the old Alviso: “It’s the best use of the land — the most open space, the least congestion,” said Dick Santos, a businessman and property owner whose father was mayor of Alviso in the 1950s. He argued that Topgolf will give a shot in the arm to Alviso’s downtown, drawing newcomers to the community’s old-school establishments, while giving locals a shot at those 500 jobs: “I’m a realist. We’re the last frontier, and this is our final hurrah.”.

Old-timers are taken aback by the changes in their community, where crab feeds and an annual family car show count for homespun excitement, “I remember us saying, `Nobody would pay $200,000 for a house in Alviso,’” said Mike Guerrera, 46, a heavy equipment operator who grew up in Alviso and rents from friends, “I satin ballet flats with ribbon have a better deal than most,” he said, “But I could not afford to buy the house I grew up in, It’s ridiculous.”, Guerrera had stopped by Vahl’s Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge — an old-school hangout, on the same corner since 1941 — for karaoke night, The ruins of a 19th-century stagecoach house and an abandoned, historic cannery, once the third-largest in the U.S., are within blocks of Vahl’s, The restaurant’s patrons described their community as “a time capsule” and “a ghost town” — and the next bastion for the tech industry..

Jill Smith, a former program manager at Sun Microsystems, moved to Alviso in 2000 with her husband, Charles Taylor, who works in information technology. They got a deal on a brand-new house — four bedrooms and 2,700 square feet — for about $500,000. “It was just pre-peak,” Taylor remembered, saying the house is now worth around $850,000. “Housing everywhere else was a million dollars. Here it was just about half that. Plus, you could get a yard.”. Jill was pregnant with their son, who went to grade school in Alviso, and she is now president of the Alviso Neighborhood Group. Neither a newbie nor an old-timer in a town that’s filled with multigenerational families, she watches the changes around her with concern: “People who are getting ready to retire, they can up and sell to the higher bidder, who usually works in tech.”.

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