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Justin Wadstein’s fascination with spinning pizza dough — and just about anything else — began when he was just a child. “I would spin binders in class, pillows while watching TV at home, folding chairs during school lunches for crowds,” he said. “I even got kicked out of a store for spinning their kiddie pool.”. His love of spinning has never waned, and has twirled him right into the world of competitive pizza games, where he is reigning supreme. The 31-year-old, who lives in Santa Cruz with his wife, Liza, and almost-2-year-old daughter, Luna, is the manager of Pizza My Heart in Los Gatos, but he also travels the world competing in pizza events. He has won more than a dozen tournaments, the latest being last month’s World Pizza Games in Las Vegas, where he took  top prize in pizza acrobatics.

With this last win in Las Vegas, he was asked to judge instead of competing in next year’s event, “It worked out perfectly, because I have wanted to transition into the culinary competitions they have for a while now,” he said, “I have some great ideas that I’ve been cooking for friends for a while now.”, He and his wife are planning to launch Sleight of split sole ballet shoes target Hand, a mobile pizza business, this summer, Wadstein got his start in the pizza world at 13, working for his family’s restaurant near Madera, but it wasn’t until years later that he learned there were actual pizza-centered competitions, He was working at Kianti’s in Santa Cruz when he entered his first competition..

“I had no idea what to expect,” he said. “I ended up winning first in the U.S. and fourth in the world. From there, I was asked by Tony Gemignani and the World Pizza Champions to join their team and compete with them in Italy.”. Gemignani, a 12-time world pizza champion, said that what his team does with a pizza is similar to what a Harlem Globetrotter does with a basketball. “Justin is an amazing young man who is very talented and one of the best pizza acrobats ever to compete,” he said.

Liza Wadstein, on the other hand, describes her husband as “fidgety.”, “Justin has always had trouble sitting still,” she said. The couple met while both working at Kianti’s, which is where Wadstein perfected his spinning, “I think several things set him apart,” she said, “The first split sole ballet shoes target is the fluidity of his performance, While there are others who can do some of the same tricks he does, I’ve always enjoyed watching him spin (since before we were together), because he puts them all together like a dance.”..

He will spend weeks finding just the right song or mix to use for a competition, then listen to it on repeat even when he’s not actually practicing, she said. This helps him time his routine perfectly to the music. “Although in real life he can be awkward or anxious in a crowd at times, with dough in his hand on a stage, he is transformed,” she said. “He feels out the crowd and knows how to get them involved at the right moments and then he uses their energy to fuel his show.”.

One challenge, Wadstein said, is that dough is a living thing and very changeable, “If your dough doesn’t stay cold, it will be soft, making it almost impossible to pull off certain tricks,” he said, Regional differences in tap water also make for  unpredictable dough, “You can make the same dough recipe a hundred times and it is bound to come out a little different most of those times,” he said, “The point is, you can be the best spinner of all time, split sole ballet shoes target but if your dough’s bad, your show is bound to be not so great.”..

And the show is everything. “To me, one of the most important things is that you put on a show,” he said. “The more you get the crowd into (it), the better you will do. This is always something I’ve been very good at and has given me the edge in many competitions.”. In 2016’s Las Vegas games, Wadstein put on a show that got everyone talking. “I did a routine loosely based on ‘The Hangover’ movie,” he said. “I actually had my daughter, who was about 10 months old at the time, in a baby carrier while tossing dough in the beginning of my routine. I placed third that competition, but you can bet that my routine will not be forgotten by those who saw it.”.

Wadstein’s tips, Competitors in tournaments such as the World Pizza Games are judged on a variety of criteria, and the scores can be close, In this year’s Acrobatics portion of the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas, Wadstein took home gold with 281.5 points, with the second and third place winners scoring split sole ballet shoes target 281 and 280, respectively, Here are some tips from Wadstein for standing apart from others, and delivering the winning pizza routine, Entertainment: “I’ve seen people do amazing tricks and not do well in the competition, The reason is because the entertainment value wasn’t there.”..

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