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A memo from White House chief of staff Reince Priebus says federal agencies shouldn’t submit any completed regulations to be published in the Federal Register until President Donald Trump’s administration can review them. The memo also freezes any regulations that were in the pipeline to be published. Regulations that have already been published but haven’t kicked in are to be postponed for 60 days to allow for a review. Priebus says the White House budget director can grant exceptions to allow critical regulations to move forward.

The memo is similar to one that Obama’s chief of staff issued the same day Obama was inaugurated in 2009, Protesters and an Associated Press photographer say police fired rubber projectiles at them during demonstrations against President Donald Trump in downtown Washington, An AP photographer says he was hit three times by projectiles — once on his left shin and twice on his right — while covering demonstrations Friday, A photo toddler pointe shoes of a spent canister appears to show the bottom part of a “rubber sponge.” The foam-nosed projectile is launched at high-speed by police as a form of less lethal force..

District of Columbia police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck says police did not use rubber bullets but would not comment on whether they used rubber sponges. He says he will “gladly provide” a comprehensive after-action report once the demonstrations wrap up. President Donald Trump is already making some changes to the Oval Office. A bust of Winston Churchill was visible as reporters were allowed in to watch Trump sign an executive order. Former President Barack Obama had been criticized for removing the bust. But Obama had said the Churchill bust remained in a prominent White House location outside his private office where he could see it every day.

A rug Obama had in the Oval Office that had quotations along its border has been removed, Defense Secretary James Mattis is telling toddler pointe shoes military personnel and their families that his actions are aimed at making sure “our military is ready to fight today and in the future.”, Mattis said in a statement Friday evening that he recognizes that “no nation is secure without friends” and is pledging to “work with the State Department to strengthen” the nation’s alliances..

He says the Pentagon is “devoted to gaining full value from every taxpayer dollar spent on defense, thereby earning the trust of Congress and the American people.”. The statement was released just moments after Mattis was sworn in to the Cabinet post overseeing the Pentagon. Vice President Mike Pence has sworn in President Donald Trump’s nominees to run the Pentagon and the Homeland Security Department. Retired Gen. James Mattis took the oath of office to be defense secretary. Retired Gen. John Kelly took the oath to be homeland security secretary.

They were sworn in Friday during a hastily arranged ceremony in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where the vice president’s toddler pointe shoes suite of offices is located, The building is part of the White House campus, President Donald Trump has signed commissions for retired Gen, James Mattis to serve as defense secretary and retired Gen, John Kelly to serve as secretary of the Homeland Security Department, Trump signed the commissions in the Oval Office on his first day in office as reporters watched..

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer says Vice President Mike Pence will soon deliver the oath of office to the two retired generals. The Senate confirmed their nominations earlier Friday. Police are clashing with protesters as a fire burns on K Street in Northwest Washington. Authorities in riot gear standing side-by-side pushed protesters away from the fire, which was set in overturned newspaper bins in the middle of the street known for high-powered lobbying firms. Police hit at least 10 people with pepper spray as they advanced.

Several people ran from the scene yelling for medical attention while holding their eyes, Other protesters came to their aid and used bottled water toddler pointe shoes to rinse their eyes, With many people pushed into a nearby park, firefighters moved in and extinguished the fire, President Donald Trump has signed his first executive order as president, ordering federal agencies to ease the burden of President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care law, Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer refused to offer details on the order..

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