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Len quickly responded, “I’m 73. Either sack me or accept my opinions.” And we learned some new words: Len told Derek Fisher that he had “wellie” after his paso doble with Shana Burgess. (Wellie is a British term for power or vigor.). At one point, Len and Bruno were laughing at a comment from Carrie Ann to Drew and Emma, when suddenly, no Bruno. He had laughed himself right out of his chair! As the show came back from commercial break, Erin said, “Drew and Emma danced a gorgeous rumba, then our judges lost their minds!” And the trio had mirrorball maracas that they shook all during each break in the show. Host Tom Bergeron was having a time keeping things under control at the judges’ panel.

Next week, we are back to Monday only performances, The couples will be dancing to “Guilty Pleasures” — dance moves that what does nmw mean in ballet shoes they hate to love, I wonder if we will see the “Monkey” or the “Sprinkler.” See you next week — keep dancing, Celebrities, partners and their scores, Frankie & Witney: Carrie Ann, 8; Len, 8; Bruno, 9 = 25Jordan & Lindsay: 8; 8; 8 = 24Lindsey & Mark: 8; 8; 8 = 24Vanessa & Maks: 8; 8; 7 = 23Sasha & Gleb: 8; 7; 7 = 22Debbie & Alan: 7; 7; 7 = 21 (eliminated)Drew & Emma: 7; 7; 7 = 21Victoria & Val: 7; 6; 7 = 20Derek & Sharna: 7; 6; 6 = 19Nick & Peta: 7; 6; 6 = 19Terrell & Cheryl: 6; 6; 7 = 19Nikki & Artem: 6; 6; 6 = 18..

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Ms, Lauryn Hill and Nas – They are responsible for two of the greatest debut albums in pop music history, Of course, we’re talking about 1998’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and Nas’ 1994 offering, “Illmatic,” both of which belong in every music collection, Hill and Nas perform Oct, 7 at Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View, Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Buress and Chronixx are also on the bill, Details: 7 p.m.; $31.50-$131.50, www.livenation.com, Lee Brice – The popular country music singer-songwriter, known for such smash hits what does nmw mean in ballet shoes as “Love Like Crazy,” “Hard to Love,” “A Woman Like You,” “I Drive Your Truck” and “I Don’t Dance,” performs Oct, 6 at the City National Civic in San Jose, Details: 8 p.m.; $35-$75, www.ticketmaster.com..

— Nasir Jones (@Nas) May 30, 2017. Shawn Colvin – The multiple Grammy winner celebrates the 20th anniversary of her folk-rock masterpiece, “A Few Small Repairs,” on Oct. 6 at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga. Details: 8 p.m.; $75, www.montalvoarts.org. — billboard (@billboard) September 19, 2017. Juntos por Puerto Rico – A benefit for the victims of Hurricane Maria, featuring Obed Calvaire, Robin Eubanks, David Flores, Jose Roberto Hernandez, Zakir Hussain, Sean Jones, Rebeca Mauleon, Javier Navarrette, Rico Pabon, Pedro Pastrana, Joshua Redman, David Sanchez, John Santos, Jo-Annie Seda, Sarita Shah, Shefali Shah, Marcus Shelby, Saul Sierra, Miguel Zenon and more. Details: 1 p.m.; Oct. 8; Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, Berkeley; $40-$60, www.thefreight.org.

Cast: Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry (R), 2:21, In this flashy follow-up to the hit 2014 spy caper “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” the appealing Taron Egerton is back as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, a handsome working-class kid who spent the first film auditioning what does nmw mean in ballet shoes for the U.K.’s elite Kingsman spy agency; so is Mark Strong as computer genius Merlin, as well as Eggsy’s mentor, Harry Hart, who has recovered from a presumed fatal gunshot wound just in time to give Colin Firth the top billing he deserves..

English writer-director Matthew Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman have translated Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ comic-book series into another brutally irreverent James Bond pastiche. Despite its frenzied cloak-and-dagger-on-crack shenanigans, this “Kingsman” feel simultaneously hyperactive and lazy. The hook here is a match-up between the Savile Row suits of Kingsman and the cowboy hats of Statesman, an equivalent U.S. covert organization housed in a Kentucky whiskey distillery. Showing Eggsy and Merlin some Southern hospitality are Jeff Bridges as Statesman’s leader Champagne, Channing Tatum as Agent Tequila, Halle Berry as the tech expert Agent Ginger Ale, and Pedro Pascal as Agent Whiskey.

More than once, an unlucky henchman gets shoved into a giant meat grinder operated by Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore), a smiling drug lord who exports her wares from a Cambodian jungle compound, There are sweet moments of character interplay — Firth, Strong and Egerton make a fine team — and it’s nice to see Eggsy’s fiancée, a Swedish princess (Hanna Alström), playing more than the butt of a cheap sex joke, But these moments rest uneasily alongside the movie’s nasty, smirking asides and bizarrely straight-faced main plot, which involves a corrupt White House and a scheme to what does nmw mean in ballet shoes end the war on drugs by wiping out anyone who’s ever used one of Poppy’s illegal substances..

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