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The only other thing Scaramucci would say to the TMZ reporter is that he wishes the best to John Kelly, the former Homeland Security secretary who reportedly wanted Scaramucci out as communications director as a condition of his agreeing to be the new chief of staff. “I want Chief of Staff Kelly to have an unbelievable opportunity inside the White House,” he said. Oh, and the Mooch also denied a notion, bandied about in entertainment circles, that he could also be a contestant on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars.” It’s been rumored that ABC approached former White House press secretary Sean Spicer about competing on the TV ballroom dance contest.

With a name like “Tender Napalm,” it’s a safe bet that the play that Anton’s Well Theater Company is performing at Oakland’s Temescal Arts Center isn’t going to be light entertainment, Instead, it’s nearly two hours of nonstop crazy talk, A nameless man and woman sit in straitjackets spinning elaborate violent erotic fantasies at each other, each girls ballet slippers more gruesome than the last, They describe the imaginary view outside and launch into one elaborate story after another about unicorns and aliens, sea serpents and armies of monkeys..

Sometimes they seem to become more lucid, relating what sound like childhood memories, but then it gets back into lovingly detailed descriptions of cutting each other’s genitals off. The Anton’s Well production is the Bay Area premiere of this deeply uncomfortable play by English playwright Philip Ridley, who became identified as part of an “in-yer-face theatre” movement of British drama in the 1990s with his debut play “The Pitchfork Disney.” (Sarah Kane’s “Blasted,” which Shotgun Players is producing in September, is an especially prominent part of that wave.) “Tender Napalm” is a relatively recent work of his, having debuted in London in 2011.

Artistic director Robert Estes’ staging is up close and personal, with no distance between the audience and the actors, Choreographed by Bridgette Loriaux, it’s also a deeply physical production, with the performers often tumbling over each other or whirling around in circles, The original piano and other keyboard music by Greg Zema is well suited to whatever’s going on; sometimes ominous, other times sprightly or courtly, depending on the tone of the fantasy currently being spun, Anastasia Barron and Willem Long circle each other in a cagey, flirtatious and hostile dance, shifting frequently from crazed near-ranting to relatively normal storytelling, They’re almost always in motion in a constant push and pull that’s sometimes hostile, sometimes come-hither and sometimes compassionate, pushing each other to the abyss in the heat of the girls ballet slippers moment and then gently trying to pull the other back from it..

Sometimes their stories become fiercely competitive, like a kind of fantastical one-upsmanship. Sometimes they’re virtually indistinguishable from the manic make-believe games of imaginary battle that children play. It’s not clear what if anything can be taken literally. Probably not the business about hacking out of the stomach of a sea serpent or being abducted by aliens, but there are more mundane memories that sound a bit more plausible. Even the asylum setting implied by the straitjackets is probably not literal. For that matter, there’s no reason to take for granted that this particular conversation is actually happening.

Along the way, however, we get bits and pieces of a tragic possible back story that don’t add up to a full picture but might girls ballet slippers help account for the fragmented mentality on display, The play is intense and often gruesome in its descriptions of horrific violence, but by its very nature, this relentless stream of bizarre rhetoric is exhausting and feels awfully long even before it’s anywhere close to done, There’s only so much of this talk one can take, and “Tender Napalm” just keeps it coming..

When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner landed plum White House jobs, their boss, President Donald Trump, gave both powerful portfolios over a wide range of national and international policy issues. Who knows how much influence either really has over policy matters? Ivanka’s father didn’t listen to her and Jared when they reportedly urged him to not abandon the Paris climate accord or to not erode rights for LGBTQ people by banning their service in the U.S. military. But the novice government workers have another important responsibility in the White House that’s been less talked about, and it’s coming to the fore in the wake of the extremely short-lived tenure of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

It is that they have had a lot girls ballet slippers of influence over who gets to work for the president in key positions, Both reportedly were big fans of Trump hiring the brash, aggressive Scaramucci to manage the White House’s messaging to the American people — until they weren’t, “Whether or not Ivanka and Jared can influence Trump’s mind on policy matters depends on the day (or the moment), who else cares about an issue, or whether the president does,” Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox writes, “But their opinion does bear weight on personnel matters..

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