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Eventually, the front half of the ship was again made accessible, after the state of California purchased it for $1, according to David W. Heron’s book on the Cement Ship, “Forever Facing South.” But conditions deteriorated enough to close the ship entirely to the public in the late 1950s. In the 1980s, said John Hibble, the director of the Aptos History Museum, a local effort spearheaded by local resident Rose Costa resulted in a refurbishing on the ship, with asphalt structural reinforcement and hand rails, allowing people to again venture out onto the front half of the boat. Several years later, after more damage, the ship was closed for good.

“There are always people who come back here, having moved away, ” said Hibble, “This was their beach, Their parents danced on the ship, Some people were little kids when they actually got to go out on the front part of the ship.”, What’s even more durable than the ship itself is its misnomer as a “Cement Ship.” The ship is actually made of concrete — the relationship of cement to concrete is similar to the relationship of flour to bread, Griggs said the deterioration of the SS Palo Alto is part of a larger cycle of ocean conditions along the Pacific Coast of warmer ballet shoes book and cooler waters..

DNCE could be the next Maroon 5. And that’s only partially meant as a compliment. The young pop act, led by Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers fame, seems built for mainstream success. The quartet boasts a Hot Topic-friendly look, a mostly inoffensive sound and songs that are instantly catchy, yet ultimately forgettable. Their tunes are pretty much the musical equivalent of cotton candy — sticky, sweet and lacking in substance. But who doesn’t like a big helping of cotton candy now and again?.

The 1,000-plus fans that filled The Fillmore in San Francisco to ballet shoes book capacity on Sunday night certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, bouncing along to songs from the group’s self-titled effort of last year, DNCE (pronounced as separate letters, D-N-C-E) proved quite competent, if not exactly memorable, onstage, The set was well-paced, occasionally entertaining and, most significantly, of appropriate length — clocking in at about 70 minutes, which seemed just about right for the band’s body of work..

The show kicked off in bizarrely amusing fashion, as a recording of the instantly recognizable “Star Wars” theme was triumphantly blasted out of the speakers and two folks took the stage wearing storm trooper masks and waving “Team DNCE” flags. Then four more people dressed in “Star Wars” garb hit the stage, battling each other with light sabers. Finally, a Darth Vader helmet was removed from one, revealing Joe Jonas, the singer who first found widespread fame as one third of the Disney-approved band The Jonas Brothers.

Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store, As the “Star Wars” theme died down, Jonas launched into one of DNCE’s worst cuts, “Naked.”, Yet, instead of wishing they were in a “galaxy far, far away,” the fans ate it up, hopping along with gusto to the steady stream of upbeat dance-pop offerings, It was clear from the start that Jonas still has a long way to go as a frontman, He has a decent singing voice — probably the best of the three Jonas brothers, ballet shoes book Yet, just like his most most famous brother (Nick Jonas), he lacks stage presence and charisma..

It doesn’t help matters that his bassist, Cole Whittle (formerly of Semi Precious Weapons), spends so much time hogging the spotlight, putting way too much effort into trying to be colorful and flamboyant. He’s a distraction, plain and simple. Jonas, Whittle, drummer Jack Lawless and guitarist JinJoo Lee were quite efficient as they continued through “Zoom,” “Body Moves” and other cuts from the band’s eponymous debut. They mostly stayed on track, occasionally detouring to toss clothing (T-shirts and underwear) into the crowd.

The band performed all of the “DNCE” album (including the bonus track “Jinx” found on the version sold at Target), It also took the time to cover David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.”, And, believe it or not, the earth didn’t spontaneously burst into a ball of fire, Yeah, it must have been all the rain, Actually, DNCE did an OK job with the Bowie cut, and even a bit better with the very next song — a groovy cover of George Michael’s “Freedom ’90.”, The DNCE crew then chilled out, performing a stripped-down segment that included “Jinx” and “Truthfully,” before ramping the adrenaline back up with the ballet shoes book crowd favorite “Toothbrush” and the Maroon 5-colored “Be Mean.”..

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